Thursday, February 14, 2013

300. Salute to the Childless - Sending Our Children Out - Part 5.

293.The Labyrinth

Friday, February 8, 2013

"you could just lose yourself along the way"

Monday, February 11, 2013

"We’ll create a space that particularly shows the con-nection to

all species in the use of materials in the labyrinth,

and the portals to the site." 

Jim Schenk (founder of Imago)


298. In the presence of the sacred

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"We all looked up to see Jim Schenk 

(founder of Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village)

beating on the drum, and  leading in four representatives:
one for the four-legged and crawling, one for swimming creatures,

one for winged beings, and one for plants."

299. Occupy Together

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"police or military need to defect from guarding the 1%
and their property"

... Jim Schenk (founder of Price Hill Will)

Jim Schenk founded 


Jim Schenk founded 

Jim Schenk founded 

Dear Bishop Joe Binzer,

Father, there is more information that we can publish about this organization. We are going to be putting a handbill together to send to every Catholic grade school and high school to alert the Principles. We will then be compiling a list of Catholic organizations to alert. I hope you have time to aid us in our efforts. As you can see by Mr. Schenk's statement below, he is in favor of contraception. Most administrators can see that sending students to this man and his organizations is a liability. Our archdiocese has a child protection program doesn't it.

Saluting The Childless

Jim Schenk

"– the morality of many religions insists that the sexual act not be interfered with to prevent procreation. In the United States, the law rewards us for having children by giving us 
tax deductions. It is in the face of all this that I sit here trembling as 
I write these words, for I have reached the point where I must say 
that sustainability requires that we have less children. 
No, I must say more: 
 the ideal for the planet at this time is 
for residents of the US and other overdeveloped countries not to have any children."

Once again I have to say, Father, this is not a knock on you. We are publishing this information so that we and others might direct our children away from these groups. These groups are free to have their own views of the world. We are very aware that these views are not Catholic views and in our estimation, it is the responsibility of  mature, conscientious, parents and families to pass this information along to clubs, schools and churches so that children are not misled.

I know you are busy, so I am also copying others in your office who have pledged, by their service to our archdiocese and the position they hold, to protect children. I do not have the e-mail address for Archbishop Schnurr. I hope you will pass this on to him as well.


Joseph C. Coors
Resident of Western Hills and a member of St. Jude Parish 


Fr. Len Wenke
, Director of Pastoral Services 
Sean Reynolds, Youth Minister 
Tony Stieritz,  Social Action 
Jim Rigg, Superintendent
Tom Otten, Elder 
Roger Auer, Elder

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