Friday, February 27, 2015

567. Homosexual Outreach: Our Lady of Visitation Cincinnati - Mary Tompson Keilholz "Likes"

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Mary Thompson Keilholz is one of the contacts 
for the LGBT Outreach at Our Lady of Visitation in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
It is interesting that their program is on the Cincinnati Diocese Webpage 
for the Courage Apostolate.
It is interesting because the common consensus among LGBT advocate groups 
is that Courage is a threat to the changes that the groups listed below 
would like to see occur in the Catholic Church.

“Courage” Comes to Detroit
.....It became evident that we needed to take some further action to call attention to and counter the upcoming information sessions on “Courage.”
.....A press release was written and sent out to local papers. Invitations to join our Vigil were sent to Dignity Detroit, PFLAG Detroit, and our local Catholic Parents group which was recently established. Notices were posted on Facebook and an interfaith LGBT advocacy group helped get the word out to other faith communities as well as arranging for posters to be printed for the Vigil
.....Unfortunately the message that “Courage” sends is still out there and is spreading.
.....Sincere people are looking to the Church for answers, but
the Courage message is the wrong answer for our LGBT daughters and sons.
.....“Courage” is on the move and
we need to be knowledgeable about its message and
ready to offer the loving alternative represented by Fortunate Families.

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