Saturday, February 28, 2015

568. Mary Thompson keilholz and Bill Tonnis ..................Gay Advocacy and Archbishop Schnurr ?

In January we sent a note to Bill Tonnis and Mary Thompson Keilholz.
We were concerned that their "outreach" at Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church
was "overreaching" to the point of "advocating" for the "LGBT cause".

We also sent a query in February inquiring as to the possibility of their working with Fr. Kyle. Our kids volunteered to attend their meeting. Our kids came home and shared what had gone on at the meeting. They were concerned.

If you read our post yesterday, you would have seen that Mary Keilholz is not shy about "liking" groups that our Catholic Church disagrees with.
Below you can see that she is also not shy about speaking out, and supporting, or "chatting", also.

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Notice below, Mary Keilholz supports a pastor who's parish was "ejected" over a disagreement on homosexuality.

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She notes below, more or less, oh well. 
I wonder what the 97 % of the members of the congregation that are not advocating for homosexuality will do ?

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It all works out in the end though; they got invited to the White House !!!

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Mary Keilholz would never be so bold about the rules of our Catholic Church, right ?
Think again.
She scolds our own Archbishop Schnurr, below.

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I wonder what the pastor of
Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church,
Fr. Mark Burger
thinks about all of this ?

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