Thursday, February 26, 2015

Activist addresses gender identity and LGBTQIA issues at Xavier University Monday !!!

Who am I to judge ?
Right ?

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It is a Catholic school.
Run by 

He got an honorary degree from the University of Cincinnati.  
His parish at Good Shepard has an LGBT Outreach.

Who are Fortunate Families ?
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But Wait !
run some sort of Campus Ministry at U.C.
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I think she has

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Didn't I see
Xavier University Theology professor 
on Channel 5wlwt news a few months ago.
She was portrayed as an

Gillian spoke at 

Our Lady of Visitation Parish 

a few months ago.

Gillian is a member of The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Gillian's parish has approved same sex marriage.

Gillian is Chair of the Programming Committee 
on the Board of Directors of the 
Transfiguration Spirituality Center

Gillian's organization at the TSC advertises for 
hosted by IJPC-Cincinnati, 
at The Franciscan Centennial Barn

What is a trans-genderqueer femme
(dis)abled, Two-Spirit, Cherokee-white radical  activist and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio doing at 

Silly !!!
JAC Stringer has been working as a community organizer, activist educator, and group facilitator 
for over ten years. He has a Masters in Social Work with a specialty in trans and queer community building, group work, and counseling; he also has a strong academic background in Psychology, 
Sexology, and Gender Studies.
As a performer, JAC has done genderfucking dance
music, drag, and spoken word everywhere from full scale theaters to classrooms to dive bar broom closets.

More to come tomorrow.

Who are Fortunate Families Anyway ???

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Transgender 101 with JAC Stringer
Monday, February 23 at 8:00pm
Kennedy Auditorium in the CLC22 people went
Other Xavier Productions

342. Angry Vagina's are O.K. ?

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