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570. Bill Tonnis - The Emergent Church - John Vest. .......................................Call To Action

My kids volunteered to attend the February LGBT out reach at O.L.V. 
because we wanted to be sure of what kind of outreach 
Fr. Mark Burger had approved.

When my kids attended the meeting at Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church, 
the opening prayer Mary Thompson Keilholz and Bill Tonnis used 
was authored by John Vest.

We are posting this information in order to start to understand who is involved in the 
"Emerging Church" movement.

Please note:
The fact that Mary and Bill chose a prayer from John Vest shows that they want to align, 
in some way with his beliefs.

Who is John Vest?

JOHN VEST has been in ministry for fourteen and a half years, the last eight and a half of which as the Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago where he explores the cutting edge of post-Christendom urban ministry.

I grew up in a time and place where homophobic slurs and bullying were never challenged or questioned.  I grew up in a church that taught us that homosexuality is a sin that should be avoided.  I don’t remember anyone in my high school that was out as an LGBT youth and I can’t even imagine someone being brave enough to come out in such an environment.  I am ashamed of the role I played in that culture of homophobia and discrimination.
...I realize now that the kind of Christianity I grew up in does not represent the best interpretation of Jesus and his message.

If a conservative Christian happened upon the letter to gay youth I posted yesterday, I imagine that she or he might have been offended.  I suggested—unapologetically—that conservative Christianity has contributed to the cultural atmosphere that encourages or turns a blind eye to homophobic bullying.  A conservative Christian would no doubt argue that I misrepresent both Jesus and Christianity in my progressive views.
...So I am willing to concede that not every Christian will agree with the portrayal of Jesus I present and the pastoral approach to homosexuality I advocate.
...But my plea to conservative Christians is to put aside the zealous promotion of your theological convictions and reconsider your approach to the pastoral care of LGBT persons, especially youth.  Why can’t you see that your unrelenting defense of a conservative theology of sexuality is doing way more harm than good?

PYM14 was organized by the JoPa group and came together under the leadership of 
Tony Jones and John Vest
and I could not have been happier.


May 14, 2013 by  
Then I said this to the group of largely evangelical youth ministry professionals (believe it or not, it’s mostly evangelical colleges and seminaries that have youth ministry professors): You all have strong feelings about the emerging church movement, most of them negative.  Well, you are directly responsible for the emerging church movement.
I went on to describe that the major themes of the movement are a natural outgrowth of youth ministry, as practiced in evangelical churches for the past three decades.  These evangelical youth ministry professors have been teaching their students, who have subsequently been practicing, relational youth ministry.  Therein, adolescents are encouraged to embrace their own hermeneutical authority, my primary thesis regarding the emerging church movement.
Youth rooms are essentially egalitarian environments, in which the “clergy” shun the accouterments of power (vestments, titles, special roles in rites).  Instead, youth are encouraged to engage all of the practices of the community equally.
It is no mere coincidence, I continued, that ECM leaders like Tim Keel, Doug Pagitt, Dan Kimball, Tim Conder, and Chris Seay all had extensive experience in evangelical youth ministry.
You taught them relational youth ministry, I told the professors, so what kind of churches did you expect them to plant?

I agree. I would also add that this is one reason youth ministry is a natural connection point between the emerging church movement and mainline churches. I'm a mainline youth pastor with strong emerging church leanings. I think we ought to explore more what the the emerging church influence on mainline youth ministries might mean for the future of mainline churches.

On the Right Side of History on Gay Marriage

John Stumme, left, kisses his husband Kyle Hanson in the state capitol’s rotunda immediately after the Minnesota Senate passed a bill making Minnesota the 12th state in the country to legalize gay marriage May 13, 2013. (Courtney Perry)
I realize that it is a grandiose claim to say that, regarding marriage equality, (GAY Marriage) I stand on the right side of history. But that’s exactly what I felt as I stood in the rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol and held vigil with thousands of others as the State Senate debated HF 1054, extending the right to marry to same sex couples. At 4:19pm, it passed 37-30, and today at 5pm, Governor Mark Dayton will sign it into law.
I stood alongside Doug PagittJay Bakker, and Russell Rathbun, fellow (straight, white, male) Minnesota clergymen who also support marriage equality. (GAY Marriage) Dozens of clergy were in the crowd, based on the number of clerical shirts I saw. Many of them stood in the middle, leading songs — we were along the edge of the crowd, greeting people we know. Also there were Courtney with her camera (see above), Wendy Johnson and her daughter, our friends Bryan and Scott, and other friends and acquaintances. We were receiving news about the speeches inside the Senate chambers via text message and Twitter.
Marriage equality is a civil rights issue.
Please note:
The screen print on the right shows
Bill Tonnis "likes" Call to Action and
the "Gay Marriage Supporter" 
Doug Pagitt.

Please note:
Call to Action USA...........Are you getting it yet ?

Have you ever asked yourself:
If Catholic Youth Ministers like Bill Tonnis and Mary Thompson Keilholz
like "Emergent Church" beliefs so, why don't they start their own church ?

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