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" There arose a disciple of Lucifer "

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Taped on Dec 11, 1967 (New York City, NY)
Guest: Saul David Alinsky

Published on Mar 8, 2013
William F Buckley engages community organizer Sal Alinsky regarding his actions and guiding philosophy.

...There arose a disciple of Lucifer in 1930s America named Saul Alinksky. He was a Jewish atheist, which is to say he was not really a Jew, because Judaism is more a religion than a race or ethnicity today. There are probably more Jews in the world who are not Semitic than who are. To me, to say that someone is a secular Jew or an atheist Jew or a Christian Jew is just as nonsensical as to describe someone as a secular Catholic or an atheist Catholic or a Jewish Catholic. Saul Alinsky was no Jew; he was an atheist.
Saul Alinsky, of the Back of the Yards in Chicago.Saul Alinsky
He was a Marxist revolutionary; a prideful, hate-filled, anti-American true disciple of Satan, with a knack for recruiting, seducing and organizing dedicated agent provocateurs and motivated useful idiots to his revolutionary cause. He created organizationsof them, and he carefully chose, raised up and taught many sub-demons to go forth and create new similar organizations for future revolution.
Saul Alinsky was a pure, revolutionary, grass roots organizer, in the business of persuading, recruiting and motivating cooperators in revolution, getting them all agitated and seeding the ground for future revolution. This was Communist agitating for revolution under the disguise of peaceful-sounding “Community Organizing.” His goal was, always, from the beginning, to change society from the inside, and I’m talking about radical change, to something other than Constitutional America, or America as founded. He meant to bring the existing system down entirely, and replace it. But he intended to do it while pretending to be doing social work and charity. Using treachery, in other words.
He would even “organize” religions, including the Catholic religion, wherever he could, despite the fact that he absolutely despised religion. For example, here is his take on Catholic contemplative prayer and piety:
“I think that somebody who goes off in a monastery and starts praying for the salvation of mankind and doesn’t do a damned thing but just sits there and prays, I think that when that guy comes up for judgment that the judge is going sit there and say why you cruddy bastard.”
Saul Alinsky’s first book was Reveille for Radicals – in it, he said
“organizing is a euphemism for revolution.”
So, what’s an Alinskyite “Community Organizer”? A revolutionary. The whole goal of Reveille for Radicals was to recruit professional revolutionaries and send them out into society to do their work, and to recruit more professional revolutionaries. Incite people to want to take the power away from whoever holds the power, and give it to those who do not have it.
Saul Alinsky’s second book was Rules for Radicals – a handbook for teaching revolution and treachery, and it was dedicated to his master, Lucifer. Here is his opening page dedication:
“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
The Alinsky model for revolution is to get the people “organized” for revolution, and get agent provocateurs to put on suits or proper attire, a winning smile, and get into the business / news / academe / political Party / managerial / civil authority / Church / political office ranks in order to take them over or destroy them from the inside. Governments, businesses, unions, teaching institutions, and even Churches, and even the Catholic Church hierarchy in America – all were to become targets for this recruitment, infiltration and Alinskyite “organizing.”
What does all of this have to do with the CCHD? Well, that was the secular or lay lead-in to the development of the CCHD. Now we need to talk about the Catholic beginnings.
Cardinal Dearden of Detroit.Cardinal Dearden
There were two Catholic brothers – Joseph Meegan and Msgr. Peter Meegan, who were radical activists, while remaining active in the Catholic Church. They introduced Saul Alinsky to the inner workings of the Catholic Church at the neighborhood level. Alinsky was already deeply engaged in “organizing” new and existing labor unions. Most unions were already Marxist to begin with, at least at the management level, because most organized labor unions, like the actual international organized labor movement itself, were actually born of the closing line of Marx’s Communist Manifesto – the famous Workers Of The World Unite!.
The infamous Cardinal Bernardin.Cardinal Bernardin
At that time, Alinsky was developing a radical revolutionary organization called the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council. As much as he despised the Catholic Church, Alinsky learned, from the Meegan brothers, the importance of Catholicism to American grass-roots working-class society. This is what he determined was necessary for the success of his new revolutionary organization:
“To effect constructive changes in the life of the Back of the Yards Neighborhood, these two elemental social institutions are, first, the Catholic Church and, second, organized labor.”
A Catholic priest named Msgr. Jack Egan soon became known as Alinsky’s Intern. The term demon might have been equally appropriate. Egan, working for Alinsky, was instrumental in marrying the neighborhood Catholic Church to organized labor back in the 30s. If you ever wondered why there were so many Catholic working-class families who were unerringly pro-union and always voted Democrat, this is where it started.
Msgr. Jack Egan; perhaps the closest Catholic disciple of Saul Alinsky.Msgr. Jack Egan
Using his new Catholic disciples to influence the local Church, Alinsky was able to get Auxiliary Bishop Bernard Sheil and the famous labor leader John L. Lewis onto the same public stage, at a Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council political rally, and there, right there, on that public stage, Catholicism and organized labor became married in the eyes of the common man in America. Again, if you ever wondered why working-class Catholics were so solidly Democrat in their politics, now you know.
Bishop Sheil and John L. Lewis, on stage together, at the infamous Alinskyite political rally.Bishop Sheil and John L. Lewis
John L. Lewis was then the head of the CIO, which would later merge with the AFL, and Lewis would the head of the AFL/CIO, the most powerful labor organization in America, and perhaps the world.
In 1966 a new American “Epicopal Conference” was formed, along with a lay version of the same organization. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB), and the lay-run United States Catholic Conference (USCC). In 2001 they would be merged together to form the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Cardinal Dearden, Archbishop of Detroit, served as the first President of the NCCB. He brought Cardinal Bernardin from Atalanta into the NCCB as the Secretary General. This organization was to have a significant impact on the whole Church in America.
Bernardin developed his “Seamless Garment” theology, which was a blending of topics into a bland sort of equality. Abortion was bad, yes – but so was war, so was poverty, etc. The “Seamless Garment” blanket theology held all evils to be equally evil. The problem is that some things are intrinsically evil, and some are not. Abortion is intrinsically evil; war is not. Very simple. Abortion is always a sin; war is not always a sin. But the Seamless Garment theology held sway in the NCCB. Also, there was an increased dependence upon and deference to the laity, as represented by the USCC. It seemed to be a sort of Democratization of the Catholic Church in America, in which the laity had significantly increased voice and authority in theology and doctrine. That’s not the way the Church was designed by her Designer to be. We do not take a vote on doctrinal issues. All of this seemed to be attempting modification of the Church to fit the current popular culture, instead of the other way round.
In 1976 Cardinal Dearden held his first “Call to Action” conference in Detroit. It promoted a new versions of “Church,” which, in and of itself, was quite a change – from “The Church” to, simply, “Church.” The unstated implication is that there is no longer One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church; there is, in its place, simply, Church.
You all know what Call To Action was and is about, and I won’t go into the details here; I’ve already beat them to death elsewhere in this site. The Goals included women’s ordination, ending priestly celibacy, and radical changes on a wide variety of sexual matters, including homosexuality, artificial contraception and even abortion. It also called for an end to racism, sexism and militarism in America, implying that America is particularly racist, sexist and militarist. Do you smell Satanic-Marxist-Alinskyite social agitation to rebellion yet?
These conferences were so anti-Catholic and anti-American that Mother Angelica of EWTN was moved to organize “Call to Holiness” conferences in Detroit, in direct opposition to this radical movement. She called the Call to Action movement diabolical, and I agree. It’s hard to disagree.
In his 1985 Ratzinger Report, by Benedict XVI before he was pope, all of this stuff was put in its proper place. Documents and decisions by the USCCB alone carried merely the weight of the individual authors and signators, and not that of the Catholic Church. As he put it,
“The documents of the Episcopal Conferences have no weight of
their own save that of the consent to them by individual bishops.”
So the teaching of any given Bishop’s conference, such as the American USCCB, does not become official Catholic teaching and does not bear the imprimatur of Rome, or of the Pope in unity with the Bishops. Such documents only bear the support of the individual Bishops who individually support them.
Today’s USCCB contains about 60 bureaus or departments, headquartered in Washington DC, and involved in political lobbying efforts there. One of these departments – the Justice, Peace & Human Development department – has a department under it, called the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – the CCHD.
Originally called simply “Campaign for Human Development” – the name was changed after receiving criticism for heavy involvement in secular politics and political activity rather than Human Development. They simply tacked on the name “Catholic” to defray some of that criticism; hence, the CCHD was born.
What was the original criticism? Serious candals were Reported by Crisis Magazine, The Catholic World Report, The Wanderer and other Catholic publications. CCHD was charged with fomenting social revolution.
William Simon, who worked in the Nixon administration, a devout Catholic, was disturbed by all of this. He said that the CCHD was merely a “funding mechanism for radical Left-wing political activism in the United States, rather than for traditional types of charities.” He called the CCHD the “Catholic Campaign for Helping Democrats.” Helping Democrats is pretty much the same thing as helping Marxists; they both share the same ultimate goal.
Back in 1968, Cardinal Cody, the new Archbishop of Chicago, shut down the insidious relationship between Alinsky, organized labor and the Church, and put a stop to the work of Msgr. Egan, infamous as Alinsky’s Intern. Egan was invited by Fr. Ted Hesburgh of Notre Dame University to come there for a “sabbatical.” Msgr. Egan remained at Notre Dame for the next approximately 14 years, where he commenced spreading Alinskyite “organizations” through a growing network of priests all across the country. It was from these priests – organized by Msgr. Egan – that the CCHD was born. They created the CCHD. It was presented to the then NCCB in 1969 and it was accepted, as the “National Crusade Against Poverty.” The first collection for it totalled $8,000,000 – a record one-day collection for the Church in America. Over 40 years, it collected some $280,000,000.
The IAF – Industrial Areas Foundation – founded by Saul Alinsky as a “School for Professional Radicals” figures prominently in where CCHD collection money goes. The IAF receives 16% of all CCHD collections, so that Alinsky’s dream of the ultimate destruction of America may one day bear fruit.
Alinskyite priests, organized by Msgr. Egan at Notre Dame, bore revolutionary fruit by creating, infiltrating and organizing new “Community Action” groups that had nothing whatsoever to do with charity or uplifting the poor, and everything to do with working toward future revolution. Here are some of the organizations these priests involved themselves in and led CCHD to fund:
  1. SDS – Students for a Democratic Society
  2. AFSCME Union
  3. PICO –People Imroving Communities through Organizing
  4. DART – Direct Action Research Training Centers
  5. GAMALIEL Foundation
There were many, many more. You probably remember scandalous reporting on various CCHD funded organizations that supported, sometimes in second-hand ways, abortion or some other condemned activity, and the good bishops responding to the scandal by quickly and publicly cutting the CCHD funding to that organization. And you may remember a similar scandal regarding ACORN, and how the bishops dutifully defunded ACORN, and how ACORN changed its name again, and all that nonsense.
Here’s the bottom line on the CCHD: It was planned and designed to be an organization of organizations for funding the training of radicals who will eventually foment revolution. It was a radical, revolutionary, totally political organization from the very beginning. There is nothing charitable about it. There is nothing uplifting about it. There is nothing Catholic about it. There is nothing Christian about it. There is no truth in it.
Comrade Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, owes as much to his CCHD as he does to his unions. All those loyal Catholics who gave to the CCHD, and all those workers who’s union dues went to support the Democrat Party, and all those ACORN and other organization useful idiots and union members who were bussed to political rallies, and who found ways to cheat at the polls and play with the numbers – you would think that he would be eternally grateful. But no; to him, they are expendable. They served their purpose. The ends justify the means.
You may remember Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, being invited to speak at Notre Dame, and the howls of outrage you might have heard (or issued) in your own Church over that particularly scandalous event. But what you probably didn’t know was that that was a sort of victory celebration. It was more of a thank-you tour for the Meegan brothers, Fr. Egan, Fr. Hesburgh, Cardinal Bernardin, Cardinal Dearden, and all the other Alinisky disciples who had laid the groundwork and helped make the President’s rise to power possible. It all began in Chicago, and it ended in the White House. He couldn’t have done it without them. This is an inside baseball peace of information; you and I are not supposed to know it. His Notre Dame invitation was a covert thank-you to his secret Catholic disciples, and a victory celebration. (A thank-you from an Alinskyite big shot is purely political; there is no real warmth in it.)
Comrade Obama, Peace Be Upon Him, who is utterly convinced of his superiority. He actually believes that he is the most beautiful, intelligent and worthy of all human beings. He has lived the lie for so long that he can no longer discern the Truth.
The only paying job Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, ever held was as a community organizer in Saul Alinsky’s Developing Communities Projecton Chicago’s South Side. He was born into Marxism. He has been brewed, steeped and stewed in Marxism all the days of his life. All he knows is alienation and revolution. All of his friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers and associates are radical revolutionaries who despise America almost as much as he does.
Lucifer’s downfall, which Lucifer did not recognize as a downfall, was pride. He imagined himself to be higher than God Himself – a falsehood. A lie. But, you see, Lucifer came to believe that lie. That is what pride can do. You tell a lie long enough, you embellish it with other lies, you work on convincing others of it, and – you begin to believe it yourself. Lucifer believes that he is more than he is – that he is higher than he is – that he is worthier than he is – that he is superior to God most high.
Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is cut from the same cloth. He actually believes that he is more than he actually is. There is no truth at all in him. His whole life is built up on lies. There is nothing about him that is trustworthy or dependable. He himself sees himself as something higher than is even possible.
Let it be a lesson. Never believe in yourself alone. Never believe in yourselffirst, for that is the path of Lucifer, and of Alinsky, and of Obama, and of ultimate failure. Believe first in God most high; then, everything else falls into its proper place. Believe in God first, for that is the way of the Lord.
Go and visit and see for yourself what Michael Voris has to say on this and other Catholic topics. It's worth the journey. Let me know what you think.
Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God and live forever!

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