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Celtic priest abuse survivor, Marie Collins, and her UK outspoken colleague, Peter Saunders.

...The fallout will likely spread to the USA by the time Francis visits there 
in a few months, as discussed below...

Tune in tomorrow as we begin to vet
"These prophetic Catholics (who) refuse to be used as mere showpiece pawns"...

Irish Show Voting Is Only Way To Make Pope Accountable:

USA,Germany, Italy &Others Will Soon Follow

Pope Francis, clearly a well disguised absolute autocrat and temporary monarch, has predictably avoided commenting on his unprecedented defeat, over his self serving marriage policy, that Irish Catholic voters overwhelming handed him recently. Nor has the pope commented on the pointed remarks of his own papal commissioner for child protection, 

Peter Saunders, who says Cardinal George Pell is a “dangerous individual” and “almost sociopathic

Peter Saunders, a parent and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by two priests, spoke about the pope’s shameful top financial aide, Cardinal Pell, in a remarkable interview here on Australia’s  60 Minutes. Again predictably, Pell declined to be interviewed. Instead, he issued a typical threatening  “legalese” statement, noting “… While [Commission] members [like Saunders] are of course entitled to their views and opinions, the recently approved Statutes of the [ pope’s priest child abuse] Commission make it clear that the Commission’s role does not include commenting on individual cases, nor does the Commission have the capacity to investigate individual cases.”

Enough with the pope’s “cherry picked” safe selections as commission members, many of whom are sitting by like papal puppets while the pope protects his old acquaintance Barros and Pell! The pope is unlikely to fire these honest and outspoken commissioners and risk undermining his well crafted but misleading facade, especially with his important visits to the USA and the UN quickly approaching.

Francis found time to meet with fundamentalist USA anti-contraception and anti-gay marriage crusaders to help his USA bishops please their low tax billionaire donors in the 2014 USA congressional elections. Will he now make time to meet with his own commission members in other than a photo op? He better find time to meet with them or be prepared to face the major fallout if fails to address honestly the major sex abuse crisis he faces.

The fallout will likely spread to the USA by the time Francis visits there in a few months, as discussed below. At least two of the abuse commission members, Marie Collins and Peter Saunders,  to their credit had pressed hard to meet with the absolute monarch, Francis, about his appointment of a Chilean bishop Barros recently, a major Francis blunder, as well as about the sex abuse commission’s future role as an effective group, as reported recently here in the National Catholic Reporter.

These prophetic Catholics refuse to be used as mere showpiece pawns, as the Vatican seeks to bury the child abuse scandal once again with a “classic delay tactic” advisory commission that superficially paints over the scandal with staged, secretive and scripted meetings semi-annually run by disgraced Cardinal Law’s former canon lawyer, Fr. Robert Oliver.

Francis’ personal limitations are becoming increasingly evident, while his uninspiring (at best) earlier record becomes better known. The strong willed ex-bouncer Latino Pope Francis seems to have underestimated brave Celtic priest abuse survivor, Marie Collins, and her UK outspoken colleague, Peter Saunders.
A charter member of the pope’s almost illusory abuse commission,
(1) Collins at times complained to the AP’s Nicole Winfield about the commission’s inexcusable long delays,
(2) she boldly, in effect, threatened to quit if bishops were not held at last accountable for protecting priest predators, and
(3) she recently challenged the pope publicly on his selection of the tainted Bishop Barros in Chile.

Peter Saunders has bravely and wisely pressed for real abuse survivors’ roles both on the pope’s illusory commission, as well as on the new UK commission. He knows that only survivors’ prophetic oversight can assure that the “Establishment” will not bury the abuse scandal once again in more ineffective showpiece commissions.

Pell faces even more criticism, now from Peter Saunders, the man hand-picked by the Pope to be a member of the pope’s commission to protect children and to help others abused by members of Catholic Church, saying he needs to go. “I think it’s critical that George Pell is moved aside, that he is sent back to Australia, and that the Pope takes the strongest action against him,”  Saunders said speaking to 60 Minute’sTara Brown in Rome.

Saunders added, ““He [Pell] is making a mockery of the papal commission, of the Pope himself, but most of all of the victims and the survivors. More importantly, anybody who is a serious obstacle to the work of the commission and to the work of the Pope in trying to clean up the church’s act over this matter needs to be taken aside very quickly and removed from any kind of position of influence.”
Is the pope indifferent, incompetent or just arrogant in his key appointments? It is difficult with all the secrecy and spin to know for sure.

Meanwhile, Burke, apparently the highest ranking Church official working on Pope Francis plan to try to elect a “Vatican friendlier” Republican US president next year, has now condemned over 1,000,000 Irish Catholics as being  worse than the pagans for legalising gay marriage. Ironically, the Irish saved the Catholic Church in the “Dark Ages” from “pagans” whose rulers’ moral blindness and obscene fineries seem much closer to Burke’s than to most Irish Catholics.

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Archdiocese of Cincinnati - PFLAG, "organization's agendas, which clearly violate Church teaching" ................ Overlooking Gay Issues, Overpriced Education, "Terror" .............. In favor of sports and vouchers ?

Dead End

Immoral Political Action Group - REMOVED !

PFLAG Advocacy and Issues

We are posting this information so that we can refer to it in a "snail mail" letter we have been asked to send to 
His Excellency Bishop Binzer.

We are documenting the process by which progressive organizations have spread their agenda across 
the west-side of Cincinnati.

We are documenting how these groups have worked their way into Catholic schools.
We are documenting how these groups have worked their way into Catholic Churches.
We are documenting what happens to families who have the guts to speak up.

Below is a letter that was sent, in 2009, to the principal of Catholic Mother of mercy H.S.
Over a 2 year period, the guidance department at Mercy referred her students to a homosexual scholarship opportunity. The student in the letter below was accompanied by Fr. Eric Bowman and met with, the then Ass. Superintendent, Jan Kennedy. 
Jan Kennedy told Fr. Bowman to his face that the organization above was not objectionable and they would 
"have to agree to disagree" with regard to removing the organization from the guidance bulletin communique.

The Archbishop was kept informed.

Over a 5 year period, between 2010 and 2015, 
Mother of Mercy H.S. has changed principals 
5 times.

Please note: In the letter below, Sister Nancy admits that she and the Ass. Superintendent agree that there is nothing objectionable to the homosexual, advocacy group 
Pflag scholarship.

Please note: In the e-mail below, 
Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Social Action, Director, 
Tony Stieritz writes
"promoting those organizations agendas, 
clearly violates Church teaching"

Also note: This information came to light 1 and a half years after Gabrielle  left Mother of Mercy H.S.

-----Original Message-----
From: Reynolds, S 
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 9:13 AM
To: Stieritz, Tony
Subject: FW: FW: A Valid Question?

Hi Tony,

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.  In catching up with some of my
accumulating emails this morning I came upon this one.

...Could you please advise me as to how to respond to this kind of
communication, or would you in fact like to respond?  You'll notice that
I was cc'd, and that it wasn't sent to me directly.  Fr. Eric Bowman is
also a recipient, and he may in fact have chosen to forward the link to
the Archbishop, who knows?

You were probably having a perfectly good day, so I'm sorry to serve
this up, but I suppose it's far better to know what's out there than

Love to Jess and the boys,

Sean P. Reynolds, D.Min.
Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Archdiocese of Cincinnati
100 East Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202


...What this article notes is that IJPC's website listed several
problematic organizations, including Cincinnati NOW and P-FLAG,
promoting those organization's agendas, which clearly violate Church
Tony Stieritz
Director, Catholic Social Action
Archdiocese of Cincinnati
100 East 8th St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 421-3131, ext. 2661 


September 2009
Mercy Hires a President

Sister Nancy Is Replaced


Mercy H.S. Hosts Terror-Tied Dinner

Asked about it, the school says it was unaware of any such controversies surrounding the group. Nor did it know that the IRS recently revoked the nonprofit status of CAIR’s national office for failing to disclose its foreign funding sources. Or that the Justice Department named the group an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financing trial in U.S. history.
She referred questions to the principal, who did not return phone calls.
Washington-based CAIR remains under active investigation by a federal grand jury for allegedly providing material support to Hamas, a federally designated terrorist group responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis and Americans.
The FBI, as a result, has cut off outreach to CAIR and all 30 of its branches in the U.S. – including its Cincinnati chapter....
“Mercy is honored to have been asked to participate and has offered to host the event in Mercy’s cafeteria,” said principal Diane Laake on the school’s website.
She said Muslim and Catholic youths will deliver presentations about the meaning of fasting in both religious traditions.
“They are all about being PC,” complained a Catholic member of the local parish who wished to remain anonymous.
Laake described such events as “vital bridge builders for our students and Mercy families to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity.”
“Part of our mission as Catholic schools is to prepare our young women to live as compassionate, respectful and enlightened global citizens,” she added. “How better to accomplish this than by sharing a meal together as Jesus often did?”

Cancelled !

“I’m glad it’s canceled; it wasn’t a good thing,” said Kelly Jennings, a Mercy parent who lives in Bridgetown, Ohio. “There were a lot of parents who were up in arms about it. It would have really given Mercy a bad name.”
A Catholic member of the local parish who wished to remain anonymous pointed out that the school had no plans to screen CAIR officials as they do parents who enter the school building.
“Parents of the children in the Catholic schools have to be fingerprinted to volunteer in the schools, but they are bringing in people who are associated with CAIR who are presently being investigated by the FBI,” she complained.
Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr reportedly didn’t want a terror-tied group at the school, given the complaints and the Aug. 26 event’s proximity to the 9/11 anniversary.
School officials confirm he pulled the plug on the high school dinner due to security concerns. As WND has previously reported, no fewer than 15 CAIR officials have been implicated in terrorism investigations since 9/11.
“The fact that Mercy was co-hosting this Ramadan meal with the Council on American-Islamic Relations specifically had become too great a distraction from the positive intent of building relationships and understanding with our Muslim neighbors,” Mother of Mercy President Kirsten MacDougal wrote in her letter to staff.
“While the archdiocese appreciates our good intentions, there is now some concern for the safety of those who would attend the meal,” she added. “As a result, the archbishop has asked that we cancel our hosting the meal.”

Mother of Mercy H.S.
Announces New Principal


357. Mother of Mercy science teacher accused of sexual abuse

New Principal

The issue isn't necessarily what Seton is doing wrong and Mercy is doing right but more about location. The traditional feeder schools into Seton just are not growing. In fact, they are getting smaller and smaller every year. Williams, Teresa, Dominic, Holy Family, Lawrence, Resurrection, and even Victory are shrinking. I think Antoninus is at least holding steady but I could be wrong.

Vouchers and the ridiculous cost of tuition bring with it an entire host of other issues.

Elder is in the same predicament but draws from a larger area and has more loyal alums so it is a bit safer. However, I still worry Elder will be Roger Bacon and Purcell eventually but hope it does not happen in my lifetime.

New leadership on the way

Seton just hired Mercy's principal Karen White. She is a Seton grad and is probably very excited to bring what she's learned while at Mercy. Seton will also be going to the same leadership model Mercy currently has, which is a principal and a president. Seton got the jump in Mercy when the open enrollment started, but Mercy came back, and then some. Now it's up the Seton to catch up. I believe they will. The good thing is that it makes both schools better.

Originally Posted by PURPLE REIGN View Post
I have no knowledge of the volleyball cuts but logic tells me, if the senior was better, they would have been kept. If they were not better, the deserved to be cut so a younger player has a chance to develop.

A volleyball coach cutting players is not why Mercy has 140 freshman and Seton has <100 b="">
This is what I was getting at.

New Principal

Yesterday was great timing for a Seton vs. Mercy contest. Seton must not be hurting as bad as you say, they have a pretty good softball team. Can't say the same for Mercy. 

May 6
Seton 10, Mercy 0
W–Lamping (14-8, 11 Ks); L–Richter. Leaders: S–Lamping 2-3, 2B, 2 RBI; Hubbard 2-3, RBI; Wegman 2-3, 2 2B, 3 RBI; Dehner 3B. Records: S 14-8, M 2-16.

Originally Posted by epanther View Post
Last year Mercy and McAuley being sister schools decided to stop competing with each other for students and started offering the same thing to a student that applied at both schools. Mercy and McAuley also started sharing resources IE the financial person is the same for both schools which in theory frees up funds.
Does this foreshadow a merger of the two schools in your opinion? With the Archdiocese being in the school closing business these days they'll probably be all over this before long.

I don't think so in the near future at least. While neither aren't exactly turning students away both appear to be holding their own on enrollment. Roger Bacon is actually one of McAuleys biggest competitors. RB's tuition is only $8600 with a lot of scholarship money given away. A lot of girls from my kids grade school ended up there purely for financial reasons. They lose a few girls to Ursuline and MND but get a solid draw from Ignatius and St James.

Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
Ridiculous or not, bringing that incident into the discussion from the beginning seems like sour grapes to me.

From what I heard, the previous coach was trying to send a message that things were going to be different in the program. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but he clearly was trying to change the culture and this was his plan to do so. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your position on him) for Seton, the coach left after one season and his "plan" was cut short. But they've been mediocre at best in volleyball over there for some time.
Seton High School has announced Yoon Ha has been hired as the new head varsity volleyball coach.

Ha has been a head varsity coach since 1995. During this time he has won two state championships-2010 with the Fenwick girls varsity team and 2013 with the Fenwick boys varsity team. Ha comes to Seton from Centerville High School where he was the girls’ head volleyball coach. He has a career record of 329 wins and 165 losses, and is also a current coach at Cincinnati Classics Club Team.

Originally Posted by polar panther View Post
Seton just won the GGCL Track Championship last night. First one since 1982. The current coaches have brought this team a long way in the last eight or nine years they've been there. A huge deal when you consider nearly all of the girls have not participated in a track event until they were in high school. Also the JV team also won too. Congrats to all of them.
That's a huge achievement for that program. They have done a good job getting athletes from other sports to fill in their roster weaknesses. Hopefully with the success they have had the last couple of seasons more girls will want to be a part of the future success.

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How Big Of A Deal Is Ben Carson's GOP Straw Poll Win?

Published on May 24, 2015
Ben Carson's win at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference speaks volumes for the underdog candidate, but there's still plenty of time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Published on May 23, 2015
Dr. Ben Carson is emerging as a political powerhouse, has drawn the ire of the political elitist. They can't seem to fathom that the people actually have a voice and are using it.

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Revealing the Truth About "Uncle Tom" ............................... Why I've NEVER Experienced Racism

Frantz Kebreau

My Secret: Why I've NEVER Experienced Racism in America
Published on Mar 21, 2015
Stop killing the essence of American greatness!!

Revealing the Truth About "Uncle Tom"

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011
The Progressives' Attack on Christianity. What they'll never tell you!! The most misunderstood term in American History.

Revealing the Truth about the Democratic Party 

Part 2

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2011
Most Americans believe that the political parties switched shortly after the Civil Rights Act of 1964-The Landmark Anti-Discrimination Law. As the story goes, the Democrats became Republicans in protest of their party apparently supporting Civil Rights for �Blacks�. In truth, the vote count for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was 80% Republican support to 63% Democratic Party support. So either the Democrats who did not support this Law left the Democratic Party or their constituents stopped voting for Democrats and elected Republicans. Politics is about Power and Power only comes from the votes cast by your power base. Let�s see how it turned out.

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America Elects Slaves to the U.S. Congress ......................... 13 Former Slaves became Members of Congress............ Why don't you know them?... Revealing the Truth about the Democratic Party Party.

Frantz Kebreau

Revealing the Truth about the Democratic Party Part 1

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This is Part 1...View Part 2 Here: It's the One You've Been Waiting For!!

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13 Former Slaves became Members of Congress...Why don't you know them?

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Africa Apologizes for Slavery ... The Origin of American Race and Racism (by an English Governor).

Frantz Kebreau
Uploaded on Feb 12, 2012

Africa Apologizes for Slavery

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2011
See how the media attempts to control the populace through the omission of information

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275 years of "The Colorline" ... White Slaves... The First Official Slave and Slave Owner in (North) America

Frantz Kebreau

Published on Mar 21, 2012
Part 2 of the Stolen History Series describes the first official slave owner in the colonies. Of course, the textbooks don't cover this information but I find it extrememly relevant to understanding tyranny and control. Share with all of your friends!!!

Published on Aug 27, 2012
State Controlled Race and Racism

Published on Aug 27, 2012
If it's never taught in school or doesn't exist in the history books, then it never happened. This is the case for the "White Slaves". Share Away!!

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"An Organization, an entity, an individual can determine your worth before you are born."... Freedom vs. Control

Frantz Kebreau

The Single Best Pro-Life Argument

Uploaded on Aug 8, 2011
Every Red-Blooded, Freedom Loving American is "Naturally" Pro-Life...and most don't even know it.

Published on Aug 27, 2012
Part 1 of the Nationally Acclaimed "Stolen History" Seminar.
Join Frantz Kebreau as he takes you through the "History"
that has been omitted from our textbooks.

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Video Update: Black Lives Matter Planned Parenthood ... Communists Try To Suppress Free Speech

Published on May 21, 2015
Alex Jones is attacked by death worshipping communists at a #BlackLivesMatter protest.