Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Your Excellency Bishop Joseph Binzer, .....................................We need your help !

Your Excellency Bishop Joseph Binzer,

These are pictures of my extended family. I have not seen most of them for almost a year. They are all adults. They made these posts on their own. They were all baptized Catholics. Why do you think they are doing this. I guess the short answer is they think it is acceptable.

Their parents met in Fr. Mark Burger's office in late July last year. My wife and I were not invited.

For some reason, at the meeting, my family, along with Mark Burger, decided they needed to meet in private and discuss my family and I. I am speculating because since then Mark Burger will not return my calls or e-mails. 

You wrote me in a letter a few days ago that it is his prerogative to block my 

I have written quite a few stories about goings on at Our Lady of Visitation Parish since the fall last year. 

Click Here
Click Here

Anyone can find them; all you have to do is enter Mark Burger or Our Lady of Visitation in the search box at the top left of our blog page. I have sent them to you and some number of priests in our diocese. It would seem that at the very least you would have asked my wife and I to come to your office and discuss the problems we are having with the Reverend Father Mark Burger. We don't understand why that meeting is so hard to arrange.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
As you can see, there are always repercussions for ones actions.

Thank you very much,

Joe and Dona Coors and Family

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