Wednesday, January 27, 2016

" Local priest targeted by Catholic Church "

Irish priest punished by Florida bishop for informing on pedophile colleague

...Gallagher has been living in the United States since 2000. Prior to this he served in the Long Tower parish in Derry. He is well-known in the Catholic community in the US and has made several religious music records and TV appearances. In 2012 he received a personal note from Pope Benedict XVI thanking him for his work, but Gallagher said this was little comfort as he felt “the wrath" of the Church in the past year.
...Police say he was in the first stages of grooming the boy.
The night after Palimattom had shown the young boy the photos he sent him a Facebook message which read “Good night. Sweet dreams.”
The young boy told a friend who reported this to the Church choirmaster, who immediately informed Fr Gallagher.
The Irish priest says that on the night he found out he was told by a Florida Church official, “We need to make him go away, put on a plane."
He had been instructed to put Fr Palimattom on a plane to Bangalore. Gallagher was also told “do not keep written notes,” by the same official.
All of this has been recorded in documents, filed with the Vatican, by a specialist Canon Lawyer on behalf of Gallagher. These were sent to Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in Rome.
Rather than following the Church’s instruction to “make him go away,” Gallagher interviewed Fr Palimattom along with one of his parishioners, a retired police officer. The parishioner took notes at the meeting.
Palimattom admitted to showing nude pictures of boys to the teen. He also admitted that he had sexually assaulted boys in India before arriving in the US. A few hours later he repeated this confession to detectives from the specialist unit of the West Palm Beach Police.
Gallagher contacted the police, following the rules the Catholic Church had set down after hundreds of cases of sexual abuse carried out by the clergy on children. Read Further...

Local priest says he was targeted by Catholic church for whistle blowing.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Father John Gallagher is breaking his silence.
In 2015, the priest alerted law enforcement to the behavior of  Father Jose Palimattom at a West Palm Beach Catholic Church.
He says he got information that the priest showed pornography to a 14-year-old boy.
"I had been asked by my diocese...the whole process was to cover him up and put him on a plane. And I said, 'The Sheriff's office is on the way to make the arrest.'
Palimattom received 6 months in jail, a year's probation, and then was deported.
However, Father Gallagher says ultimately he got into trouble for being the whistleblower.
"I then was threatened by the diocese, offered a denotation, and I was asked to resign from priesthood," he says.
"Why would any priest want to be a whistleblower if they are treated the way I've been treated?"
He says the church went as far as to change the locks on his parochial home while he was sick in the hospital. Read Further...

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