Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pope: Gay Couples 'Not part of God's Dream' ................... "one worthy of being believed" ...

...For this word to be honored and accepted,
the one who is speaking it must be a good man,
a virtuous man, one worthy of being believed...


Christian Response to Homosexuality ... "a good man"...



Catholics Beware
The group below is in more of your Churches than you know.
In addition, if they are not in your Church, they hold sway on your Church's Leaders.

“There can be no confusion between the family God wants and any other type of union.”
God wants all families! God's dreams encompass all families. We will not stop fighting for full LGBTQI acceptance & equality in the ‪#‎Catholic‬Church!

The Pope has attacked same-sex unions ahead of a debate in the Italian Senate
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Susan McGhee And I thought , "all are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place".....meaning the Catholic Church. Apparently not. So sad. I'm so close to moving on.......
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MaryJo McEvoy Pope Francis is great and has done some wonderful things but he is really off base when it comes to the gay issue and the woman's issue.
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Tamara K Wiley That is not the Pope's decision to make or to interpret. God is the one and only judge. On the day of his judgment, God will correct him.
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Audrey Denecke I believe it is so far out of his/the church's frame of reference and world view. He sincerely means "all are welcome" but only as far as they can see and embrace it. The same is true for women as priests. And from a more secular view, it is not unlike...See More
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Maria Renate Ecsf Disgraceful! Not Gods dream indeed, how in heavens name does he know that? Hotline to heaven??
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Frannie Schafer God dreams bigger dreams than you, Holy Father .
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Lizzie Cal Why do men have nipples? Answer that one. Bet you can't.
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Linda Carney-Goodrich But what does God think when he's awake?
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Joann Benson I am tired of this man!
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Bill Gorman This from a single man in cape and dress.....
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Nick Porter Well sorry pope your not God you have no idea what God will and will not except . Your only a man your nothing better than any other person that believes in the Lord God Jesus . You of all people shouldn't judge other people . You are about to cost ...See More
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Ginny Grimes Allen How does he know what God dreams about!
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Gretchen DeKok Mary, same sex couples can indeed have kids. Grow UP.
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Sigrid Grabmeier I wonder what makes him so sure.
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Mary Sullivan On this, the Pope is wrong.
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Jeffrey Essmann I have news for him: popes were also not part of God's dream.
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