Thursday, January 21, 2016

RAPE at the Cologne Cathedral.

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Background Information:
Cologne Cathedral is where the bones of the 3 Kings are laid.

The Shrine of the Three Kings  is a reliquary said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi, also known as the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. The shrine is a large gilded and decorated triple sarcophagus placed above and behind the high altar of Cologne Cathedral. It is considered the high point of Mosan art and the largest reliquary in the western world.

Cologne sex attacks: 

migrant rape arrests bring calls to close borders

There are growing calls to tighten European borders after four young Syrians were arrested over a double rape in Germany on New Year’s Eve and 18 suspects of mob violence in Cologne were confirmed as being asylum seekers.
The leaders of Slovakia and Hungary demanded tougher border controls for the Schengen zone of 28 European nations, amid a rising backlash as allegations were made across the continent of attacks by migrants.
In Cologne, where police recorded 121 complaints from women of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve, including two rapes, the embattled police chief was suspended after claims that he sought to cover up the extent of the violence and the involvement of migrants.
Witnesses have said the assaults were perpetrated by men of “North African or Arab” appearance, inflaming a debate over Germany’s ability to integrate about 1.1 million asylum seekers who arrived in 2015.
Published on Jan 8, 2016
Swiss artist stages naked protest in Cologne after NYE assaults.Germany
Swiss artist Milo Moire staged a naked protest in front of the Cologne Cathedral, Friday, in support of women's rights after more than 100 women reported that they were sexually assaulted in the German city on New Year's Eve.

During her protest Moire held a sign reading "Respect us! We're not fair game, even when we are naked." Speaking to press Moire said that "as a woman I want to give an example that women shouldn't hide away, they should lift themselves up, be self-confident and stand up for their values."

SOT, Milo Moire, artist (German): "As a woman I want to give an example that women shouldn't hide away, they should lift themselves up, be self-confident and stand up for their values. And it is also an outcry that, I don't let others decide what I should and shouldn't do as a woman, but rather, that it is self-evident that the fifty year-long work of emancipated women means that I can have the life that I want, in liberty. That is why I am standing here today."

SOT, Milo Moire, artist (German): "I think that, in this context (the NYE events), every day actions cannot be precise enough, for this reason I'm now naked. My main message is also that I am firmly convinced that women will no longer be considered sex objects when people show the same respect for a naked woman as for a covered woman.

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