Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 3

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(n.) a rapid, large-scale outpouring of something
s: blast, bombardment


(n.) an intolerant, prejudiced, or biased person
s: racist


(v.) to indicate, point out; to appoint; 
(adj.) selected but not yet installed
s: (v.) nominate, choose


(n.) difference, variety; a condition of having many different types or forms
s: dissimilarity
a: similarity, sameness, uniformity


(n.) someone or something that is extremely puzzling; that which cannot be understood or explained
s: puzzle, mystery


(v.) to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction; to take great personal joy in
s: relish, revel in
a: regret, bemoan


(adj.) of, relating to, or involving the entire world; comprehensive
s: worldwide, widespread
a: regional, local


(n.) a false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware of that really does not exist
s: fantasy, deception
a: truth, reality


(v.) to make very angry, enrage
s: madden, provoke
a: calm, soothe


(v.) to provide with a reason for doing; to push on to some goal
s: encourage, prompt
a: discourage, dissuade


(n.) one who is against war or the use of violence; (adj.) opposing war or violence
s: (n.) peacemaker
a: (n.) warmonger


(n.) a line of people waiting for something 
(such as a bus); 
(v.) to form such a line
s: (n.) line, row
a: (n.) disorganized crowd


(v.) to keep within set limits; to confine
s: limit, hold back
a: expand, enlarge


(adj.) wise; (n.) a very wise person
s: (adj.) sagacious; 
(n.) philosopher, Solomon
a: (adj.) foolish,unwise; (n.) fool


(v.) to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end
s: gratify, quench
a: intensify, increase


(n.) the landscape, especially considered with regard to its physical features or fitness for some use; a field of knowledge
s: ground, topography, territory


(n.) any trade, profession or occupation; a sense of fitness or special calling for one's work
s: career
a: hobby,


(n.) a solemn or sacred promise or pledge; 
(v.) to declare or promise in a solemn way
s: (n.) word of honors; 
(v.) pledge


(v.) to lie in wait for and attack,ambush
s: entrap, ensnare


(v.) to dry up, wilt, sag; to cause someone to feel ashamed, humiliated, or very small
s: shrivel, droop
a: bloom, flower, flourish

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