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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 10

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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 10

20 terms by NJBeachMom TEACHER

32 terms by CBui-Nguyen

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(adj.) arousing hatred, disgusting, detestable
Synonyms: Hateful, despicable, loathsome
Antonyms: praiseworthy, delightful, charming


(adj.) blundering and awkward; (n.) clumsiness
Synonyms clumsy, stumbling
Antonyms: forceful, effective, skillful, adroit


(n.) a result, effect, importance
Synonyms: outcome, significance
Antonyms: cause, source


(v.) to fool, deceive; to mislead utterly
Synonyms: trick, hoodwink


(v.) to give out in small amounts; 
(n.) money, food, or other necessities given as charity; a small portion
Synonyms: ration, allot, distribute, handout


(v.) to swallow up, overwhelm, consume
Synonyms: encompass, immerse


(v.) to defeat; to keep from gaining some end; 
(n.) a thin sheet of metal; a light fencing sword; a person or thing serving as a contrast to another
Synonyms: frustrate, thwart, counter, rapier
Antonyms: aid, abet, assist, advance, promote


(v) to express definitely or systematically; to devise, invent; to state as a formula
Synonyms: define, articulate, frame, specify


(n.) the taking of the first step or move; the ability to act without being directed or urged from the outside
Synonyms: leadership, enterprise
Antonyms: laziness, sloth, shiftlessness


(n.) something that serves as a reminder
Synonyms: remembrance, souvenir, token


(n.) a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing things; 
(adj.) of or relating to the unconventional
Synonyms: maverick, individualist, bohemian
Antonyms: traditionalist, traditional, conventional, conservative, conventionalist

null and void

(adj.) without legal force or effect; no longer binding
Synonyms: canceled, repealed, abolish
Antonyms: in effect, binding


(n.) a wide, unobstructed view of an area; a complete survey of a subject; a continuously passing or changing scene; a range or spectrum
Synonym: overview


(n.) all of a person's offspring, descendants; all future generations
Antonyms: ancestry, ancestors, forebears, the past


(v.) to pull loose by force; to look at closely or inquisitively; to be nosy about something
Synonyms: snoop, meddle


(v.) to brighten, freshen, or polish; to restore or improve
Synonyms: remodel, renew
Antonyms: dilapidate, run down


(adj.) able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems; clever in finding ways and means of getting along
Synonyms: inventive, ingenious, skillful
Antonyms: inventive, incompetent, dull-witted


(adj.) severe, harsh, strict; thoroughly logical
Synonyms: tough, trying, challenging, rousing
Antonyms: easy, lax, indulgent, tiresome


(adj.) coming after; following in time, place, or order
Synonyms: later, following, ensuing
Antonyms: previous, prior, preceding


(adj.) making no mistakes, faultless, completely accurate
Synonyms: sure, certain, unfailing
Antonyms: faulty, fallible, unreliable

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