Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Great Debate of 2016: Ferrara vs. Shea

Catholics Should Stand up Against Perversions of Relativism

An end to the silence, an end to the anxiety, an end to the  cowardice. It is necessary to bear witness to the truth of Christ to affirm the natural right to call the healthy Catholic doctrine into memory and stand up to the rampant perversions of relativism and secularism against the Church, against life and against the family, the cardinal said.

A certain laxity in the past decades have fostered the emergence and enforcement of false ideas. The fight against truth, beauty and goodness is in its present severity would have been unthinkable, if the half-heartedness had not come  into the Church, the cardinal said. "A real Catholic believes  entirely in every truth taught by the Church without compromise. The term  of , 'partial catholicity' and 'part catholic' is a contradiction in terms, " said Cardinal Burke.

There must be a way to place a stationary camera on this debate.
You must know that your Evangelizing at the Remnant is primed to catch fire.
You have a righteous cause.
Have a little faith baby.

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