Monday, January 25, 2016

"Under My Eternal Vigilance.”

"I will walk my tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability."
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Charles  Gauldin
“My dedication to this sacred duty
is total and whole-hearted.
In the responsibility bestowed on me
never will I falter.
And with dignity and perseverance
my standard will remain perfection.
Through the years of diligence and praise
and the discomfort of the elements,
I will walk my tour in humble reverence
to the best of my ability.
It is he who commands the respect I protect,
his bravery that made us so proud.
Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day,
alone in the thoughtful peace of night,
this soldier will in honored glory rest
under my eternal vigilance.”

Even as relentless snow or pouring rain falls upon Washington, D.C., the men who guard the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier never stop keeping watch.

There is such power in what these Guards do that even a 30-year-old photograph can engage thousands of people to re-tweet, comment, and show their appreciation for our men and women in uniform.
In 2016, as the snow once again descends upon Washington, the tradition of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier continues.

By Saturday afternoon, the snow had reached past the names on rows of white stones and was also piling on top of them.
The military cemetery is the final resting place of more than 400,000 people and is normally open every day of the year. But it was closed Saturday and Sunday.
A spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Military District of Washington, Col. Josslyn Aberle, said Friday that soldiers who are called sentinels would continue to stand guard at the cemetery's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the storm.

Snow covers names on headstones at Arlington cemetery

Headstones are nearly covered by snow at Arlington National Cemetery, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016 in Arlington, Va. A blizzard with hurricane-force winds brought much of the East Coast to a standstill Saturday, dumping as much as 3 feet of snow, stranding tens of thousands of travelers and shutting down the nation's capital and its largest city. 

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