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DAMNING!! " Cruz stole votes from Carson! "

Dr. Ben Carson @RealBenCarson RETWEET FAVORITE1 Feb
RT @Jmrhosborne: .@RealBenCarson leaving Des Moines later tonight to avoid storm. Not suspending -- getting fresh clothes then back out Wed…

I am grateful for the confidence Iowans have placed in me, as tonight we defeated three former sitting governors and two previous Iowa Caucus winners. Regardless of how the media has attempted to marginalize me and my campaign, I still have the highest favorability rating and have remained among the leading candidates in every major survey.
For months, my campaign has survived the lies and dirty tricks from opponents who profess to detest the games of the political class, but...
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CNN and Cruz Hose Ben Carson !!! 

Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play – Told Voters Carson Was Dropping Out

Fortune reported:
The Carson camp claimed Cruz’s team spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out.
Ben Carson was incensed as the results of Monday night’s Iowa caucuses rolled in, accusing the winner of spreading falsehoods about him at caucus sites.
Carson’s team claimed that Cruz’s campaign deliberately sent emails to supporters to spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out, so his supporters would caucus for other candidates.
“That is really quite a dirty trick,” Carson said speaking to reporters at the end of the evening. “That’s the very kind of thing that irritated me enough to get into this quagmire.”
“To have campaigns come out and send emails to their caucus speakers suggesting that Dr. Carson was doing anything but moving forward after tonight is the lowest of low in American politics,” said Carson campaign manager Ed Brookover.
** Rep. Steve King (R-IA) who was campaigning with Ted Cruz today tweeted this out during the caucuses tonight.

Carson placed a distant 4th tonight in Iowa with 9.3% of the votes.
The Cruz camp also openly smeared Donald Trump at the caucuses tonight.
Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.


  1. I screen shot this right before the caucus
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    Carson Team Accuses Opponents of ‘Caucus Tricks,’ Falsely Telling Voters He Was Suspending Campaign
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    More confirmation. Had Cruz not done this, Carson's voters wouldn't have went to Cruz/Rubio, and Trump would've won.

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    So Cruz started the lie that suspended his campaign. can't be trusted.

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    Ben Carson appears to be accusing Cruz of dirty tricks today
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    Cruz lied about Carson to get his votes. NASTY SNAKE! Icky man! .
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    Carson supporters saying Cruz supporters told then dropped out of the race.
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    CONFIRMED! Carson INCENSED Cruz campaign lied to supporters telling them he dropped out of race
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    Look at what Ted Cruz and his campaign do next and Ben Carson is so mad, like Trump says Cruz is nasty,
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    It's not a mystery... Who is the candidate who would have the most to gain from pulling away Carson voters? Cruz!He's a dirty SOB.
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    Here's that nice boy and all. And YOU complain about ? We deserve better....
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    Just dirty:Ben Carson camp angry with this email allegedly sent by Cruz campaign to Iowans. "
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    BREAKING=> Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play - Told Voters Carson Was Dropping Out - The...
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    and those votes that went to cruz would have been Carson and we would have won...get it!
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    Congressman Steve King spreading lies on Twitter, was organized strategy:

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    tweeted out right before caucus so I screen shot it
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    CONFIRMED! Carson INCENSED Cruz campaign lied to supporters telling them he dropped out of race
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    Cruz did to Carson. Cruz is a snake
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    BREAKING=> Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play – Told Voters Carson Was Dropping Out via
  21. Shit like this is why Cruz will not get the nomination!

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    I hope the Iowa Secretary of State sees this crap! How shameful the Cruz liars are!
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    Way to go, con artist. You lied to help Cruz steal Carson votes. Disgusting.
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    Carson campaign spox Jason Osborne tells me via text text that Carson "needs fresh clothes, that's it. Back out on Wednesday."
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    unlike Cruz whose supporters spread lies that Carson had dropped out, including Rep. Steve King

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    Carson camp accusing Cruz of trying to get Carson supporters by telling them Carson suspended his campaign before caucus.
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    At the polls, Cruz workers told Carson supporters that Carson dropped out. Straight from Katy Tur of NBC.
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  29. DAMNING!! Cruz stole votes from Carson! Cruz Staff told Carson voters that Carson dropped out during

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    REPORT: Major fraud/violations by Cruz campaign. Telling voters other candidates were dropping 2 get their voters. (From Carson campaign)

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    Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play; Told Voters Carson Was Dropping Out...
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    IOWA: got Qs about ID check? Yes, ID was checked. But you could still bring in vote ballots if you had a printer. I don't believe numbers!
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    TRUMP is the only eligible candidate of the three top vote getters.Cruz and Rubio are barred from being POTUS
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    The race to 1,237 delegates starts now
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    Ron Paul finished third in Iowa in 2012 and pundits didn't bother to learn to spell his name. Rubio gets third and is crowned the winner
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    1980 Reagan vs Bush Bush won Iowa by 2% Reagan beat him in NH, Nevada & South Carolina Reagan won nomination.
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    And the Iowa GOP result site is down...again. Biggest loser nominee: Microsoft.
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    is the only one electable.
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    Carson campaign is openly accusing the Cruz camp. of spreading the idea at caucus sites that Dr. Carson was dropping out of the race.
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    You don't just somehow triple your poll numbers overnight. This is fraud, plain and simple.
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    One of Marco Rubio's Biggest Financial Backers to Tally Iowa Caucuses - Breitbart via
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS RUBIO CHEERLEADER #1
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    Ted Cruz won ONE more delegate than Donald Trump. I wouldn't gloat too much or dispense predictions.
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    organized in 50 states is code spew for "MICROSOFT FACTOR"
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    Ok...Nobody else recorded any surge except FOX. There was no other evidence of it. Until Microsoft results.
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    surge very suspicious- app counted votes- MS second largest donor to Rubio supports low-wage H-1B guest worker visas
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    No the polls were accurate, the results look tampered why let donor count US votes?

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