Saturday, February 6, 2016

Homosexuals and Factions in the Lutheran Church ?

with approximately 5 million members, has passed repeated resolutions to welcome gay and lesbian people since 1991.

The "ELCA" Lutheran Church 

Welcomes all LGBTQ Folks

On Saturday, July 19th, 

three ELCA California bishops, 

Bishop Murray Finck, Bishop Guy Erwin, and Bishop Mark Holmerud 

will march in the San Diego Pride Parade along with their spouses,

marking the first time all three California bishops will march together in 

a " Gay " Pride parade.

What's the difference between the 


and the Lutheran Missouri Synod ?

On the surface one might notice certain similarities between the ELCA and LCMS before one notices differences.  Both churches do have the name “Lutheran” on their front signs after all.  The services used in both church bodies are very similar.  The hymnody sung in both churches is very similar.  The robes of the pastor, the colors on the altar, the layout of the churches all might be much the same in ELCA and LCMS congregations.
With a little closer look one might see a few apparent differences.  For instance, one might notice that ELCA congregations have women pastors where LCMS churches do not.  One might also see members of Methodist, Presbyterian, the United Church of Christ, or Episcopal churches going to communion at ELCA altars, where one wouldn’t see that in the LCMS.  For that matter it would even be possible to see pastors from these other denominations officiating at ELCA services where one would never see a non-Lutheran pastor serving an LCMS congregation.
A little deeper look uncovers yet more differences.  If one examined the teachings of the ELCA in regard to homosexuality and compared those to the Missouri Synod one would see that the ELCA allows for practicing homosexuality even among its clergy and does not condemn homosexuality as sin.  The Missouri Synod says that homosexuality is a sin.  If an LCMS clergyman is found to be a practicing homosexual he is removed from office.
Other points of difference one might notice include: the LCMS has very strong statements condemning abortion as a sin against the 5th commandment; the ELCA does not take a stand against abortion as sin and allows for it as a viable option in various situations  The LCMS believes that the Lord’s Supper is the actual body and blood of Christ and says that those who deny the real presence of Christ are holding views contrary to Scripture.  The ELCA, while saying the Lord’s Supper is the body and blood of Christ, also grants as valid other views which deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Sacrament.

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