Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alert: Mexican government now openly interfering in U.S. elections, mobilizing permanent residents to stop Trump !!!

Mexican consulates helping permanent residents register to vote in transparent attempt at stopping Trump

(INTELLIHUB) — One might say it was only a matter of time, but it has now been confirmed that the country of Mexico has joined with hundreds of Soros funded hard-left activist groups in their desperate and often times illegal crusade to stop businessmanDonald Trump from becoming president.
That’s right, a foreign nation is openly interfering with a U.S. presidential election and no ones seems to care.
With little fanfare, the Washington Post recently published a stunning piece detailing the efforts by the Mexican government to stop Donald Trump from becoming president and, despite halfhearted denials by Mexican officials, these efforts openly amount to a foreign country purposefully trying to alter the outcome of the most important election in the United States.
The scheme involves mobilizing Mexican diplomats for the first time to “assist” immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship so they can then vote in the election, presumably against Trump. You heard that right, foreign diplomats are working to get their citizens confirmed as U.S. citizens so that they can then vote for the candidate that the Mexican government thinks should be the next American president.

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