Thursday, March 31, 2016

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Extortion ... Kroger ?


Why would Catholic Cincy Protest Kroger Grocers ?

EXTORTION involves getting money from someone by the use of force or threats or coercion. the act or practice of extorting especially money or other property; the offense may be committed by an official engaging in such practice.

When employees and officials that receive funding from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati go out and protest a company, can that be considered a form of extortion ?

What about SCANDAL ?

Why is Kroger or Wendy's expected to "pay a penny more".
Should local growers in Ohio expect the Catholic Church in Ohio to buy their products for school lunch lines?
If the Church refuses should they camp out on Tony's lawn ?

Meet Tony Stieritz
He recomends the donations of  $Cash$ to needy "Social Justice" organizations in the 
Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
Does this make him a "Wise Guy" ?
This is Immokalee, Florida.

This is where Kroger Stores are located.
Click Here

Tipping Point, Vol. 7: Texas school teachers confront Kroger!

“Wendy’s has lost my respect as well as my patronage…”

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