Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Black Lives Matter @ The Peaslee Center in Cincinnati.

Peaslee Neighborhood Center got Money from the Catholic Church in Cincinnati.
Click on the Funded Groups before Tony pulls down the link.
Ask yourself, should the Diocese or Peaslee be working with Black Lives Matter ?


Black Lives M. "Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon" !!!

2014 - 2015 CatholicCampaign - for - HumanDevelopment 


Apparently the Video's are examples of an "Urban Plunge".
Read the blackboard in the Video.

Below, in the Peaslee Center description you will see that an Urban Plunge is a project 
that the Peaslee Center is famous for.

I don't think that the Peaslee Center or Black Lives Matter have much respect for the FUZZ.

Part 1
Peaslee Neighborhood Center, Community Education Program:  Youth living in inner-city neighborhoods like Over-the-Rhine have limited access to quality service, engagement and extracurricular opportunities because their schools are overtaxed and under resourced.  Peaslee’s Community Education Program reaches out to low-income youth in Over-the-Rhine and other urban communities to offer opportunities for service, community engagement, creative expression and leadership. This is achieved through three projects: 
1)Urban Plunges for local high school students
2) Students Writing for Our Lives groups with youth 
3) Youth Community Engagement Project 
(a program where youth are encouraged to engage in their community through create expression).

Part 2

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