Friday, March 25, 2016

CONFIRMED: Pope Francis formally broke the law of the Church during the Mass of the Lord's Supper.

It can now be confirmed that our Holy Father violated the Law of the Church. A few hours ago Ireported that Radio Vatican confirmed His Holiness would break the Law. In fact, he violated the very Law that he himself promulgated a few months ago. One cannot but wonder why our beloved Holy Father instituted a Law that he himself had no intention of keeping? 

This is a scandalous example of disregard for the Law of the Church. But it goes further, it has now changed the meaning of the "Mandatum" beyond recognition. Changes in pastoral praxis always have doctrinal implications. 

Vatican Radio reports: 

Service was a major theme of the Holy Thursday liturgy: Pope Francis, in imitation of Christ at the Last Supper, performed the ritual washing of the feet of a dozen people – eleven guests of the C.A.R.A. Centre and one woman who works at the Centre for Auxilium. Four of the guests taking part in the ritual were NigerianCatholics, three others – all three women – were Coptic Christians from Eritrea, three others were Muslims from Syria, Pakistanand Mali,and one was an Indian Hindu.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

BREAKING: Pope Francis will break his own new rules for the "Rite of the Washing of Feet"

The Holy Father's new Decree is specific: only those who are "the people of God" may be chosen. That is, those who are incorporated into Christ through baptism, as sons and daughters of Christ's only Church.

If our esteemed Holy Father cannot keep and set the example of obedience to the rules of Holy Mother Church - what kind of a signal is he sending to his bishops and priests? Why even undertake the writing of a new set of rules, if  these very same rules will be cast to one side by our venerated Holy Father?

One must wonder what the purpose of drawing up the new rules were? Particularly, since the Supreme Lawgiver, our revered Holy Father, is casting them aside as quickly as they were written. Canonist Ed Peters comments that papal violation of Church Law does not abrogate same, but renders the law moot. Papal disregard for law, leads to chaos. 

The Holy Father places before Catholics a very bad example of humble submission to obedience.
The Decree for the new Rite

The Vatican Commentary on The New Rite

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