Friday, April 1, 2016

Hey trump...Don't believe Marquette Polls !!!


Archdiocese of Cincinnati Joins Only Black Lives Matter.

They have an agenda.
Stick with the pro-life stance.
The PRO-LIFE stance will call out the RHINOS.
They have to De-CLOAK; just like the Klingons.

Jesuit Marquette University Suspends Professor over Same-Sex ...

Breitbart News-Mar 29, 2016
John McAdams, a conservative professor at Marquette University, has been suspended after criticising a fellow lecturer for refusing to allow ...

Why evangelicals are choosing Trump...
I'm voting against the progressive establishment in my Church. 44% Catholics for TRUMP

Teacher to student: If you don't support gay marriage, drop my class

Students who oppose gay marriage are homophobic, according to an audio recording of a Marquette University instructor who went on to say that gay right issues cannot be discussed in class because it might offend homosexuals.
I reached out to the 20-year-old student at the center of this outrageous episode and the story he tells should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks religious schools are safe havens for open discourse.
The story was first reported on a blog run by a Marquette University professorand was picked up by the good folks over at The College Fix
“Actually,” the teacher replied, “You don’t have a right in this class especially [in an ethics class]  to make homophobic comments.”
The student retorted that the comments were not homophobic.
“This is about restricting rights and liberties of individuals,” he said. “Because they’re homosexual, I can’t have my opinions?”
And that’s when the teacher dropped the bombshell.
“You can have whatever opinions you want but I will tell you right now – in this class homophobic comments, racist comments, sexist comments will not be tolerated,” she said. ‘If you don’t like it, you are more than free to drop this class.”

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