Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tony Stieritz: Catholic Cincinnati - Protesting Kroger !

I think it is obvious, to any right thinking and logical individual, that the actions of the 
Social Justice Warriors below, are contrary to what we are called to do as Christians.

We are posting this because our Catholic Church's SJW's are gearing up for this summer.
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Democracy Spring.

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For the Greater Good,
Right ?

We spoke with CIW.
They claimed that the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati organized the protest.

By the way,
you will notice SEIU in the video.

SEIU Partnered With Planned Parenthood to Back Pro-Abortion Candidates Click Here

Kroger Shareholders Meeting 2012 ... Tony Stieritz Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Published on Mar 16, 2016

Immokalee workers want a special deal with Kroger.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Employees and 

"Social Justice Warriors",

Protest Kroger, in Cincinnati.

1.21 Mark : Dave Scharfenberger, blue shirt, arms crossed.
1.22 Mark : Tony Stieritz, blue tie, arms crossed, holding paper.
1.28 Mark : Sister Monica McGloin, blue shirt, grey hair, pink paper.

Catholics For Obama Supporter From Ohio:
Sister Monica McGloin.

Social Schism

Social justice vs. religious freedom: 

Catholic organizations woo a divided voting bloc

Ohio | Interfaith Worker Justice

(513) 621-4336; Sister Monica McGloin. Greater Columbus Jobs with Justice 27 Euclid Ave. Columbus, OH 43201-2529 (724) 972-8778; Allison Petonic  ...

Bums on the Bus - The American Prospect

The American Prospect
Oct 16, 2012 - Sister Monica McGloin (who is pro-life), a Dominican Sister of Hope from ... We know from talking with people that what the people want is to  ...

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