Monday, March 28, 2016

"Turkey is seeking to become the main trading partner of Iran"

The international publication AlMonitor writes about Iranian-Turkish relations. It is obvious that after the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Iran on March 4-5th the dynamics of Turkish-Iranian relations are changing. By his visit Ahmet Davutoglu admitted that Turkey is ready to strengthen economic relations and regional cooperation with Iran.
Even before the Arab Spring, the relationship between the states both political as well as economic, was characterized by a lack of clear lines and any ideology. However, after a huge amount of upheaval in the Middle East, in connection with the recent events in Syria, as well as after the deterioration of relations with Russia, the Turkish leadership realized the need for closer relations with Iran, which, in turn, seeks to preserve the status quo, while not changing its foreign policy priorities. Tehran and Ankara have nothing in common in terms of their views on the regional political developments that have been taking place in the last five years. However, after Russia imposed an embargo on Turkish goods, Turkey is seeking to become the main trading partner of Iran.

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