Monday, April 25, 2016

Alex Jones ... Homosexuality ... Open Letter Part 3.

Hey Alex,

I saw your take on the new Beyonce flick; "Hold Up" .


Consider A Few Things:

... First:

It looks like, based on the gossip, Mr. Brown has Homosexual issues; Click Here.


So your saying:

I know. Continue reading anyway.

In the Beyonce version of  "Hold Up", let's remember, a woman is signing the song, presumably to a man.
Why would she say there's no other man above you ?
Also, why would he want to get out of bed with Beyonce and get his SWAG on.
Doesn't that mean, based on the Urban Dictionary, he's getting his GAY on ?
Remember, these groups (click here), sponsored 'The Tipping Point". Read their names and visit
their sites; they are down for the homosexual cause.

... Next:

You have to ask yourself who is her audience ?
Well, she had a very large, quite literally captive, group at the Superbowl.
Remember this story that we did ... Superbowl 50 ... Gay sshhu ... Bruno Mars Style.
Bruno Mars has taken surprisingly drastic steps to dismiss reports that he's come out as gay. 
Remember this story that we did ... Superbowl 50 ... Gay Education ... ColdPlay Style.
This time, the married Coldplay frontman called his famous and unsuspecting wife, Gwyneth Paltrow a beard during an interview with lesbian chat show star Ellen DeGeneres .

More to Come ...

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