Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Colorado GOP chairman Steve House ... And who is this “Julie” ?

...the name that has been floating around in hushed conversations at GOP meet-ups?
The “other woman” reached out to Politichicks to share her story. She is a Republican activist, well known in political circles, who even sang the national anthem at a Mitt Romney rally during his presidential candidacy.
Julie Naye, a divorced mother of four children, admitted to having an intimate relationship with the Republican state chairman. She said that a close friendship developed with House the year before his election, culminating in a physical affair just before Christmas in December of 2014. The last time she spoke with him was last week.
Naye first knew House as a Facebook friend and then conversed with him at subsequent political events. She characterized their relationship as having a heartfelt connection. Naye spoke of House with fondness, describing the relationship as light on romance. She defined it as a close friendship that evolved into something more. According to Naye, they built a bond between them in which the two shared personal, intimate details of their lives.
“I had no expectations of a future with him. I thought this would eventually end and we would remain friends,” said Naye. She shared that House was easy to talk to and that they had a special trust between them. “I wasn’t looking for him to take care of me. And he had a wife. I trusted him to be kind to me and stick around as my friend.”
She became more guarded when confronted about her feelings for House. “I care about him a great deal, like you would care about a close friend with additional feelings,” she stated, carefully choosing her words.
Naye shared how their friendship crossed the line into a sexual affair.
She said that she had experienced a traumatic event in which House was there to comfort her. She had just arrived home after traveling and discovered her house sitter hosted a party without permission. Partygoers stole over $3000 worth of money and possessions. Feeling violated from strangers entering her bedroom and rummaging through her belongings, she contacted House. Naye went to see him, crying and upset over what had happened.
“I made a conscious effort to make sure he never feared me outing him,” Naye said.
Her responses sounded protective during inquiries about House’s role and behavior during the affair. She was quick to point out that he never asked her on a date or made inappropriate physical advances. Naye had mostly kind things to say about House, with the exception of calling him out for lying to the press.
However, Naye confessed that she lied to help cover the affair. She said that House texted her with instructions to deny their relationship to his friend who would be phoning her. Naye said that she was unaware at the time that this friend was also a private investigator. Read Further...

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