Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cruz "Sex Worker" Story Courtesy of Jen Raiffie !!!

Jen Raiffie is a CRUZ supporter.

Apparently Jen worked for Tancredo.
We have gone as far on this as we are going to.
There are quite a few players.
We provided enough links for those who know what they are looking at.
It all seems as underhanded, to us, as the Ben Carson back stab by the CRUZERS.
This site has a lot of the players names.
Jen Raiffie Info at the bottom. 

Hundreds of visits today.
Must have been of interest to someone.

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The latest round of this back-and-forth consists of a series of 
screenshot images purportedly of Julie Naye’s website. 

The images are being circulated by Jen Raiffie, an Adams County “Tea Party” activist 
who has been vocal in support of House over the affair allegations. We are unable to verify any of these images as authentic, but they do appear to make the case that Naye is some kind of paid sex worker. 
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Our  next Flying Monkey landed in the Mapleton School District.  That Flying Monkey is Jen Raiffie, who is very dangerous and was elected as a School Board Member. I believe she was elected only because she had top billing on the ballot and some voters didn’t do their research. The district is made up of only 20% Republicans. 
Yet, Jen is a prolific right wing blogger, Vice Chair of the Adams County Republicans and
former Communication person on a past Tancredo campaign. The best way to  describe Jen Raiffie is in the words of one of her own Right Wing Nuts, 
Dan Maes, “Jen is a spiteful, angry, and an unpleasant lady.”  

Jennifer Raiffie

Education Professional
Greater Denver Area
Education Management
  1. Mapleton Public Schools
  1. Mapleton Public Schools
  2. Adams County GOP, 
  3. Franklin Center Watchdog Wire
  1. Iowa State University

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