Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kentucky Planned Parenthood killed unborn children.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Planned Parenthood Caught Again

Kentucky is suing a new Planned Parenthood clinic after Governor Matt Bevin found out that they have illegally killed 23 unborn children. The clinic knowingly operated without a license for nearly two months. The request for a license was later denied because the clinic did not meet minimal safety standards. Many Kentuckians are outraged by Planned Parenthood’s complete disregard for state health and safety standards at the new clinic. Governor Bevin has vowed that, “This administration will have no tolerance for the type of brazen disregard that Planned Parenthood has shown for both the safety of women and the rule of law.”The clinic could face over $650,000 in fees for the violations. Kentucky Planned Parenthood President Betty Cockrum does not seem to regret it. She defiantly said that the clinic was opened based on women’s needs, not politics. Unfortunately for the women of Kentucky, Planned Parenthood’s idea of “politics” includes basic standards to ensure the health and safety of women. They knowingly defied the law and put women at risk. It’s clear that this is the rule with Planned Parenthood.
Americans are seeing more clearly than ever that Planned Parenthood is willing to do anything to advance its agenda. This even includes breaking the law. This sad story in Kentucky is one more reason why Planned Parenthood should not receive money from American taxpayers. Any organization that openly breaks the law should not receive money from American taxpayers. By ignoring health and safety standards, they prove that they care more about making money than they do women’s health. It seems as though more and more Planned Parenthood scandals come to light all the time. Women and unborn children deserve better than Planned Parenthood.
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