Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More on the "Coffman-gate Conspiracy" ?

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August 24, 2015
Readers by now are very familiar with the ongoing Coffmangatescandal, in which Colorado Republican Party chairman Steve House was confronted by a cabal of fellow Republicans led by Attorney General Cynthia Coffman about his “failure” to hire former Sen. Ted Harvey as the state party’s executive director–and as the story is told, then threatened House with exposure of an alleged affair if he did not resign his position.
The latest word we have is that the investigation of the Coffmangate scandal, which according to some legal experts meets the technical definition of felony criminal extortion in Colorado law, is still continuing. Last Friday night, though, according to photos we were forwarded over the weekend, a number of the principal figures in the Coffmangate scandal threw themselves a party! With House still in office and the Coffmangate co-conspirators in disarray, we’ll be damned if we can tell you what they were celebrating.
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... Bottom line: it’s clear from these photos, and from Harvey’s angry response to continuing speculation from fellow Republicans, that the wounds from Coffmangate within the Colorado GOP have in no way healed. Steve House survived the attempt to oust him, and remains the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party–even as Ted Harvey denounces House as “felonious,” and the losers of this battle continue to undermine House’s credibility at every step.
Even setting aside the still-unresolved legal questions, what this portends for the Colorado GOP going into a major election year is not good. Read Further...

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