Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Steve House: Colorado State Party Chair

Yesterday was a day that included humbling support and an exciting possibility at the same time. Thank you to all who supported me to be your chairman and to all who participated in the process.
Tomorrow we will begin the transition work to take the responsibility for the Reoublican Party here in Colorado. That work will be lead by myself and a transition team including our new officers. Over the next two weeks we will start by talking with the existing staff about their plans, we will reach out to all donors and begin establishing relationships, we will meet with the legislators we are supporting and talk with all county officers. Fund raising will begin tomorrow and in fact has already begun. We will also assess our current financial situation and our budget and obligations to understand how to operate very efficiently.
I have had two conversations with the RNC and one is scheduled for tomorrow morning as well. I like the tone of the conversations thus far and am very optomistic about where we are headed.
There will be many rumors, especially from the democrats and I would simply suggest checking with me before believing anything. This organization will be run in a professional manner with our primary goals always front and center.
We have a great opportunity in front of us and I am very excited. Thank you again for your support and confidence.

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