Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ted Cruz LASHES OUT: At Media in Hollywood Florida.

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The Blue-Collar Billionaire, Donald Trump, is currently 2.4 million votes ahead of second place candidate Ted Cruz.  Trump is also 300+ delegates ahead of Cruz, and there are not enough delegates left for Cruz to close the gap.
Candidate Ted Cruz is now only in the race in an attempt to deny Donald Trump the remaining 389 delegates needed to win the nomination ahead of a convention.  However, Ted Cruz is also bleeding support from an awakened electorate who are watching the manipulative efforts and schemes unfold.
Senator Cruz is fully inside a republican party apparatus which is trying earnestly to disenfranchise voters in a vain effort to retain their own relevance and grip on power.
Anyone who stands in the sunlight and points this out, including the media, now becomes a threat to the Old Guard as evidenced in this press conference presser with Senator Cruz earlier today in Florida:

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