Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ted Cruz Picture with "Sex Worker" ?

Cruz "Sex Worker" Story Courtesy of Jen Raiffie !!!

Jen Raiffie is a CRUZ supporter.

Don't kill the messenger ... We just dig up what's On-Line.

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The latest round of this back-and-forth consists of a series of screenshot images purportedly of 
Julie Naye’s website. The images are being circulated by Jen Raiffie, an Adams County “Tea Party” activist who has been vocal in support of House over the affair allegations. We are unable to verify any of these images as authentic, but they do appear to make the case that Naye is some kind of paid sex worker. At least one image contains text that implies racism in Naye’s alleged business practices, specifically that she “declines the African American Male.”

So let’s assume for argument’s sake that these images are authentic.
Yes, it’s politically a black eye for people like Tancredo, or even Mitt Romney …

(Or Ted Cruz Added because of Photo found)

Ted Cruz and Juliette..."some kind of paid sex worker" ? Click Here

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