Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump’s Favorable Rating Rivals Reagan’s in 1980 !!!

The elites also worried about Ronald Reagan’s chances back in March 1980.
The CSMonitor reported, via Free Republic:


Anderson's spokesmen yesterday declined to speculate about what the candidate may decide. But two polls being cited inside the campaign may give some indication of how advisers are leaning.
One is a poll by the George Gallup organization published Sunday. Nationally, it showed Anderson collecting 21 percent of the support of registered voters compared with 34 percent for Ronald Reagan, the likely GOP nominee, and 39 percent for President Carter.
In the West, Anderson and Carter ran neck and neck, each with the support of 29 percent of the voters. Reagan led both with 36 percent.
The other poll was taken by the Los Angeles Times on March 25, the day of the New York primary. It asked Republican and Democratic voters to record favorable and unfavorable impressions of candidates.
Anderson finished in the poll with a 68 percent favorable rating. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was second with a 60 percent favorable rating followed by President Carter with 51 percent and Ronald Reagan with 30 percent.

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