Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bishop Pates Learns to Fast 4 Faith in 2007.

We do not agree with what Bishop Pates is doing.

Video Pay attention to the Banners as you read and watch.

In my opinion the "Fast of Faith and Hope for Immigration Reform" hosted by the 
Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ,  back on May 14, 2007 was 
an important learning experience for Bishop Pates. 

Bishop Pates of @DMDiocese is taking a stand 4 #immigrants in #Iowa. Join him: ImmigrationVoter.com #iacaucus

Most Reverend Richard E. Pates is a Bishop
 of DesMonies, Iowa and a 
Chairman of the Committee on International Justice & Peace
within the hierarchy of the United States Conf. of Catholic Bishops.
In 2007 Bishop Pates was the Auxiliary Bishop in MinneapolisMinnesota. For reasons only known to him he "con-celebrated Mass at  Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ". At that time the spirit on the lake was openly homosexual. The parish is now known as Living Table, where apparently they will serve anything as long as it's deviant.
As luck would have it we found out about this scandal when we searched out the name Barbara Satin. Mr. Satin was named a Member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. 
Everything would have been great accept Barbara who was a man is now a woman, sort of ?
The reason for this post is to bring your attention to this:


Bishop Pates, it is reported to have "con-celebrated Mass" at the openly homosexual parish
where apparently Mr. Barbara Satin, the want to be woman, was a member.
Please understand that the group that flowed from this fiasco is now called 
Fast 4 Families.

Pro-Immigration Reform Groups Launch National “Fast for Families ...

The Facebook page on the Fast 4 Faith site takes you to iAmerica.

This is the page on the Fast 4 Families site that are listed as sponsors:


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