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Old Liberal Bishop Pates Connection to Barbara Satin ...... Links Trans-movement to Illegal-Immigration ?


Old Liberal Bishop Pates Promotes Pot ?

Transgender Day of Remembrance.
A New Queer Agenda
Assistant Faith Work Director
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Barbara Satin is a transgender activist involved with both local and national gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities and organizations. In her role as Assistant Faith Work Director for The Task Force, Barbara works on a variety of social justice issues that have a faith component, including assisting faith settings in welcoming and affirming transgender persons; providing leadership training opportunities for trans religious leaders; educating people and faith settings around the needs of LGBTQ individuals as they age; helping bring both a faith and LGBTQ perspective to issues such as immigration, asylum and employment.
Besides serving on a number of local GLBT boards, Barbara is a founder of GLBT Generations, a group that has worked to educate people about the needs of LGBT persons as they grow old. 

Welcoming Home for Lgbt Seniors

Last Monday (May 14, 2007), I supported those participating in the “Fast of Faith and Hope for Immigration Reform” by joining with approximately 200 people in walking from Spirit of Lakes United Church of Christ in Minneapolis to the Capitol in St. Paul – a distance of nine miles.

The Fast of Faith and Hope for Immigration Reform began on May 5, with ten people committing to a ten-day water-only fast. Many others committed themselves to fasting for part of this ten-day period.

The event was a wonderful example of ecumenical cooperation – with over 20 churches from a number of different faith traditions organizing and/or supporting the fast in one way or another. The primary organizers of the fast were St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 

Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ, and the 
Office of Social Justice of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis.

Above: At one point during the prayer service, candles and all 500 white crosses were placed together on the ground to form one large cross. In light of what each cross represented - i.e., a life lost in an attempt to cross the border - this large pile of crosses was a very poignant sight.

After the prayer service, a simple meal of soup and bread was served in the church. For many, this was their first meal in ten days.

Above: Jose Valencia (at left in striped shirt) celebrates with others the conclusion of the ten-day fast - 
Monday, May 14, 2007.

Valencia had earlier told The Catholic Spirit that his Catholic faith had motivated him to participate in the fast.

“We are empowered by our faith and united in our dream for true equality here in America,” he said. “We hope this spiritual passage will help bring our nation back to its core values of liberty, justice, and freedom for all.”

Above: Auxiliary Bishop Richard Pates of the Archdiocese of St Paul/Minneapolis and 
Rev. James Pennington of Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ – Monday, May 14, 2007.

LGBT Equality Open and Affirming
Living Table United Church of Christ, Minneapolis

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