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Hugo the Movie

"If you step into the breach,
you do someone else's work
when they are unable to do it."

Bob Dylan Live
"Only a Pawn in their Game"

Daily Dogma Mail

To My Fellow Black Americans...
Get Off the Liberal Plantation

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by hillsdalecollege
Paul A. Rahe


Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR & Michigan Pork Producers Association

The following "Social Action" was paid for, in part,
by your Catholic Church........................

How do you think,
those affiliated with, this group

Sister Alice Gerdeman's IJPC
Advertises For

Archbishop of New York:
Obama allies attempting to divide Catholic Church

AliG's English

Language Network 

Putting Our HousIn Order

"My Critique Of Our Catholic Faith"

By. Doc Savage

AliG's English 
What's it all about? 4/4
Special Edition

As we were working to add all the math and English, science, history and religion information we have gathered over the years to our blog, I read this article when it came out. 
Oscars dictate to Sacha Baron Cohen: You're banned 
It struck me that all this guy was doing was advertising for his movie, 
"The Dictator". Of course when the Grammy's aired and after this incident where

Ryan Seacrest fails to see the funny side as Sacha Baron Cohen's fake dictator pours ashes of King Jong II all over his tuxedo it was more than obvious that was exactly what this guy was doing.
When you search the name Sacha Baron Cohen you get a brief history about the actor and comedian. 
Turns out he's English. The only movie I have ever seen that had this man in the cast was Hugo. 
It wasn't that bad. It was a family movie.

Click Here for the Movie

We are always up for a good experiment in my house.
The first Character on Mr. Baron's cast of characters is Ali G.
In a good experiment there can only be 1 variable.
The variable in this experiment was the name Ali G.

We used the characters that Mr.Cohen portrays in the photos on our science fair board.
The idea was not only to attract attention to our blog and English page, but the main goal 
was to disprove or prove our hypothesis and to shed light on why organizations 
like IJPC and CIWC take our Catholic Church's money and then act like children.
The experiment was an overwhelming success.
Greg Alig, ( who was the mouse in my maze) and a teacher at Elder H.S. in Cincinnati
sent us an e-mail when we posted the 1st AliG;
He was sure the blog was about him. He demanded that we remove the post.
We dropped him a line to let him know that he wasn’t the only aliG around.
I was trying to prove to my kids that this English teacher was really full of himself.
The rest of my family swore up and down that I was wrong.
The father is always right. My son had this tool when he went to Elder.
If you weren’t one of the “Golden Guys”, he made you jump through hoops.
If you give somebody like that enough line, they will wrap it around their own neck.
Some time next week we will have the English page posted in the right hand column.

310. Elder High School, Jan Kennedy - " It Gets Better " - With Dan Savage

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