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Bishop Schneider -12 steps to surviving as a Catholic family in a heretical wasteland

What "More" we can do.

Bishop Schneider said that to survive in a heretical wasteland, Catholic parents must:
  1. See persecution as a grace from God for becoming purified and strengthened, not simply as something negative. 
  2. Become rooted yourself in the Catholic faith through study of the Catechism. 
  3. Protect your family’s integrity above all else.
  4. Catechize your children as your first duty.
  5. Pray with your children daily, such as litanies and the Rosary.
  6. Turn your home into a domestic church.
  7. In the absence of a priest and Sunday Mass, make spiritual communion.
  8. Withdraw your family from a parish spreading error and attend a faithful parish, even if you have to travel far. 
  9. Withdraw your children from school if they are encountering immoral danger in sex-ed.
  10. If you cannot withdraw your children, establish a coalition of parents to fight for that right.
  11. Fight for parental rights using available democratic tools.
  12. Be prepared for persecution in protecting your children (see first point).
The bishop said that being a Catholic “family” in the truest sense of the word is the key to survival. 
“From my experience of the time of the persecution, the vital importance is the family, the integrity of the family, and that both parents are deeply rooted in the faith. This is then transmitted to the children. I would like to say that the children have to receive the faith with the milk of the mother. And then the first task of the parents is to transmit to the children the purity, the beauty, the integrity of the Catholic faith in a simple manner.”

Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia.

Published on Jul 25, 2016
Nonie Darwish Moment: Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia.
Nonie Darwish (Author, “The Devil We Don’t Know” )

Muhammad and Blonde Women

Published on Jul 25, 2016
A shocking explanation of Qur’an 9:49.

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HERE IS THE VIDEO: "ISIS Impregnate Yazidi girls to destroy their blonde-haired, blue-eyed bloodline"

Ismaa’eel Abu Adam, a former Islamic apologist who has now left Islam, explains from Islamic sources how Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, enticed his men to fight jihad by promising them blonde female sex slaves. In doing so, he sheds some light on why Muslim migrants have committed so many rapes and sexual assaults in Europe, and continue to do so.

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Catholic Cincinnati Diocese "Volunteer" group partners with Atheists ?

Tweet this post to the Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph:

“This was in 1948. 
The doctor suggested that my mother have an abortion. He told her: ‘You already have five children, it is important for you to be in good health so as to take care of them,’” Burke said. “My parents refused. I should explain that the doctor was not Catholic. My parents told him that they believed in God and that Christ would give them the necessary help. My mother gave birth to me, and everything went well. … I could very well have been killed.”

DNC Speaker Shouts Her Abortion and Democrats Cheer (Video)

The DemocRat crowd applauded her for killing her baby.

Tweet this post to the Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph:
Cincinnati Catholics need to be informed.
President of the Tri-state Freethinkers

We saw this link today, below. Tri-state Freethinkers are a rabid atheist group.
Why on earth would a Cincinnati Catholic Diocese approved volunteer group want to 
"partner" with them ?

Below are some additional posts from IJPC.
Is there any question that they are a progressive group ?
Do you think they will be supporting an Anti-abortion candidate ?
Watch the video at the top of the page.
Hillary is the choice if you don't like the Conservative Party.
A DemocRat or a Republican will be elected.
Check the guide below before you head to the polls.

National Right to Life | Election Guide

Vote Pro-Life

IJPC loves some nonviolent direct action!
"'Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes you have to make a way out of no way. We have been too quiet for too long,' [Representative John] Lewis said. 'There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet. This is the time. Now is the time to get in the way. The time to act is now. We will be silent no more.'"

IJPC is at City Hall at a gathering regarding a counter message to some of Trump's statements. Councilwoman Yvette Simpson calls out the candidate for his derogatory comments about women and minorities and asks if this is the kind of leadership our country needs.

For those looking to be involved in response to the most shootings. Cincinnati Black Lives Matter will be hosting an emergency meeting tonight at 6 PM at Peaslee Neighborhood Center. This meeting will discuss planning a demonstration on Sunday.

For our friends (referring to the protesters) who may be up in Cleveland - we support direct action but if you need some tips!

There's a ton of direct action we've been hearing about up at the RNC between Code Pink and Circle the City with Love - Cleveland 2016. This is one that uses art to make its point. Looking forward to seeing the photos from this!

Yet another officer found not guilty in the death of . The whole thing is a huge debacle.

Below are some posts from the Freethinkers.
Is there any question that they are a progressive group ?
Do you think they will be supporting an Anti-abortion candidate ?

I am sending this to your e-mail.

Apparently the "freethinkers" got the hypocrisy post from Here.
And the Pro-abortion post from Here.
If you go to the Tri-Sate Freethinker page  Here, you can read much more about how up in your face they are about their atheism and how they feel anyone of faith is non-thinking. 

It makes you seriously question why IJPC-Cincinnati would partner with this group 
for anything, because they are not going to change and posting their information 
only serves to give them more publicity. 
Bishop Joe, it is as though they are working together for a common cause, 
and it's not what they purport. All you need to do is click here and go to the president of the Freethinkers page Here. See below.

Why does our diocese promote this group as a volunteer opportunity? Here
Do you think Sean Reynolds is aware who IJPC-Cincinnati is "partnering with" ?
He doesn't take my e-mails any more.

Below are some additional posts from the Freethinkers.

Jim G Helton July 22 at 9:53pm      
While I was there all week I asked everyone 
if they wanted to play a drinking game. They had to take a 
shot at the end of night for each time I told someone what 
they just said wasn't true. They all refused and said they 
would be dead!

It's time to leave religion and the ancient uneducated conclusions behind.

Fewer Americans are turning to church for the solutions to social problems.
Marching to end poverty all the way to the RNC. 
I cant lie I was a little concerned but everything went smoothly.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Cardinal: Islam Wants To Dominate The World

A senior cardinal has said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world” and the only way to save Western civilization is to return it to its Christian roots.

Cardinal Raymond Burke said that while Muslims were “lovely people”, their religion teaches that it should dominate the state, and any country with a Muslim majority must submit to Islamic law.
Speaking to Religion News Service, the American cardinal criticised Christian leaders who “simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith or the Jewish faith.”
“That simply is not objectively the case,” he claimed.
“When they become a majority in any country then they have the religious obligation to govern that country,” the cardinal added. “If that’s what the citizens of a nation want, well, then, they should just allow this to go on. But if that’s not what they want, then they have to find a way to deal with it.”
He also said that areas of France and Belgium have become “no-go zones” that are effectively “little Muslim states”.
When asked how the West should respond to increasing Islamisation, Cardinal Burke said: “I think the appropriate response is to be firm about the Christian origin of our own nation, and certainly in Europe, and the Christian foundations of the government, and to fortify those.”
“We have to say no, our country is not free to become a Muslim state,” he added.
The cardinal was speaking ahead of the publication of his book Hope For The World: To Unite All Things In Christ, which takes the form of an extended interview.
The Catholic Herald quotes the cardinal as saying in the book: “Islam is a religion that, according to its own interpretation, must also become the State. The Koran, and the authentic interpretations of it given by various experts in Koranic law, is destined to govern the world.
“In reality, there is no place for other religions, even though they may be tolerated, as long as Islam has not succeeded in establishing its sovereignty over the nations and over the world.”

Cardinal Raymond Burke is patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta and is seen as one of the leading figures among traditionalist Catholics. He has become known for his uncompromising conservative views and has a strong affinity for the traditional Latin Mass.

Donald Duck - Self Control

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