Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Archdiocese of Cincinnati provides Church space for Pro-Abortion Black Lives Matter group.

 *** Update: Black Lives Matter Cincinnati ***
has been asked to move their 
meeting to another venue other than
 St. Francis Seraph ?


Planned Parenthood at the BLM Rally Cincinnati ... 

" The leading killer of unarmed black lives."

Bishop Binzer - Archdiocese of Cincinnati - Beware !-1

Bishop Binzer- "The Negro Dilema" and Our Church -Click the Link

I am sending this to your e-mail.

You can read for yourself how Black Lives Cincy, 
"demand that the state make abortion clinic access available and accessible to All women." 
Below and how they advocate for homosexuals.
You can also read how someone from the 
Archdiocese of Cincinnati thinks it is a good idea to give them a place to meet. Isn't that great ?

Why even bother to be Catholic ?

6. We respect the gender sovereignty, sexual orientation, and right to exist of all people free from persecution. 
The support and defend the struggle of LGBTQ community.

Oh, one more thing,
the group Black Lives Matter Cincy
is also Ok with Homosexuality
and as you can read below
wants to persecute cops.

" Police officers across the world, If you are scared please take off the uniform "... BLM Enough is Enough Rally Cincinnati.


BLM Enough is Enough Rally Cincinnati 1.


CONFIRMED: Bloods Gangbanger, Democrat #AltonSterling Owned Illegal Gun, Had Drug, Assault Weapon Convictions


Alton Sterling: "fought with police over weapons before".

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