Monday, July 11, 2016

Bishop Binzer - Archdiocese of Cincinnati - Beware !

Explanation: I have been corresponding with Bishop Joe Binzer since 2009.
He asked me to call him Joe, we decided I would go as far as Father.
Bishop Joe is a funny man who is very busy. He handles much of his business with his phone.
We decided that it makes sense to lay out some stories on-line and then e-mail them.
This way Father Joe can access all the links much more easily, and he has a record.
Bishop Joe sent our family a letter last year where he suggested we could e-mail him.
We appreciate that.

             Father Joe, I wanted to get you up to speed on the protest scheduled for tonight in Cincinnati.
Mainly because our family is concerned with the size of the coming protest and the level of ire displayed by the people you can read about on social media sites. The premise outlined on the handbill below is flawed. You can read about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Here.
This phony narrative is being pushed by organizations in our diocese.
We pray that no one is injured tonight.

We hope our diocese will make a statement to the press and call for people to stay away from this powder keg.

Here is the link from Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, Click Here.

I am sending you information that can be found on-line, by anyone. It is troubling, at least from a Catholic family perspective, and shows a continuing pattern of how our diocese persists in supporting, in many ways, groups and organizations that I believe you and our Archbishop may not approve of. 

Will update after Mass. Please check back at 1:00.

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