Monday, July 11, 2016

Bishop Binzer - Archdiocese of Cincinnati - Beware ! ... Continued - Introducing " The Peaslee Center ". 2

This is a continuation of this Story:

Bishop Binzer - Archdiocese of Cincinnati - Beware !

To fully understand what is going on in our country, with regard to the progressive social justice movement, and to get a sense for where it is all heading, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development programs in Cincinnati are a great place to start.

Please read the story. It is important not to make assumptions.
Do not think that I am writing another story to cap on the Catholic Church.
Do not think that I am just another right wing blogger who gets his marching orders from Limbaugh.
Do not think that that I am hear to slam nuns and social workers from my cushy digs in upper class         gentrified suburbia.
If you read along, over the course of today, you might be surprised.

This is Sister Alice Gerdeman, second from the right holding a banner, and protesting at an immigration rally in Price Hill Cincinnati, Ohio.  You can find the story Here.

The reason we start with Sr. Alice is because she is the head organizer in charge, 
and when logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, 
a little door mouse says feed your head 
by looking towards what 
Alice's office has said.
Will return in an hour or so with another update.
I have to work in the yard.

This information about the Black Lives Matter Pre-Rally meeting can be found here:
Peaceful demonstration of solidarity Sunday, July 10th, starting at 4 p.m., marching from CPD District 1 Headquarters to Washington Park.

Peaslee Neighborhood Center attending Emergency Planning Meeting at Peaslee Neighborhood Center.
So many beautiful bodies of all colours, the meeting is pouring out the front door.‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬

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