Monday, July 18, 2016

Mark Mendoza Raging in Nashville ... Video ................ Funded by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati ?

Mark Mendoza is a back yard organizer
for Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center. Click HERE.

Tony Stieritz from the Social Justice office
of our Archdiocese gives his group your Catholic money.

Below is some information that has to do with who he was hangin' with on the Day of Rage on Friday.

Mark Mendoza
Will be in Nashville this weekend, if    folks there wanna hang.

Mark Mendoza added 3 new photos — at Workers' Dignity Dignidad Obrera.
4 hrsNashville, TN

Great Trump pinata from party last night, made in and shipped from Mexico.

Mark Mendoza with Rosa Ponce Video from her Facebook Below.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati provides Church space for Pro-Abortion Black Lives Matter group.

Update: Black Lives Matter Cincinnati 
has been asked to move their 
meeting to another venue other than
 St. Francis Seraph ?

Archdiocese of Cincinnati CCHD Grantee Participates in Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

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