Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine ... Dems' Cash Cow ?

Virginia Governors and Expensive Gifts

...There was McDonnell’s immediate predecessor, Tim Kaine, now one of the state’s two senators:
        Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, accepted an $18,000 Caribbean vacation last year, putting him atop the list of Virginia elected officials who in 2005 accepted nearly $315,000 in gifts, trips, concert tickets and other gratuities from corporations, interest groups and wealthy persons.
        The newly elected governor’s winter getaway on Mustique — a private island playground for rock stars and royalty — was paid for by Albemarle County investor James B. Murray Jr.
Murray had contributed $41,000 to Kaine’s campaigns up to that point, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Kaine reappointed Murray to the Virginia Commission on Higher Education Appointments.
The VPAP site reveals that since 2001, Kaine received $186,899 in gifts and travel - Redskins ticketscases of wine, etc.
Before Kaine, Virginia’s governor was Mark Warner, now the state’s other senator. Between 2001 and 2004, Warner received $190,362 in gifts and travel - $495 bottles of wine, a $450 “handmade dulcimer,” etc....

The Dems' Cash Cow

Tim Kaine Throws Mark Warner Under the Bus While Forgetting His Own Scandal

Virginia was ripe for a scandal
Some might say that Virginia was ripe for such a scandal. After all, until newly-elected Gov. Terry McCauliffe changed it (for only one year, by the way), the law allowed public officials to accept unlimited gifts as long as they were reported. 

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