Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tim Kaine's Fellow Parishioners Rip Him as democRAT

Tim Kaine's Bishop is reported to be Orthodox.

Richmond’s New Bishop Cleans House

The Diocese of Richmond’s newly appointed bishop, Francis X. DiLorenzo has delighted faithful Catholics in what has been until recently one of the more dissident dioceses in the US. The Richmond diocese has been ruled by extreme liberal bishop William Sullivan for 29 years. Sullivan, considered one of the most left-leaning US bishops, has retired at the normal retirement age of 75. 

Bishop DiLorenzo has come from the diocese of Hawaii with a strong record of orthodoxy. When he first receiving the news of his transfer DiLorenzo said,

“There is no agenda the pope set for me, other than the generic one of:
Go make it happen,” he said. What “it” was to be has quickly manifested itself.

The bishop has appointed Rev. Russell E. Smith, to the office of Diocesan Theologian which has a mandate to screen potential speakers at parishes and Catholic organizations. The post has remained unfilled since 1998. Smith said that cases would be judged according to standards of Catholic orthodoxy.

“Orthodoxy is right teaching. Anything contrary to Catholic teaching will not fly. Don’t expect anything about women’s ordination in this diocese,” he said.

The new bishop has also removed a known dissident Catholic from the diocesan commission for women, Judy Johnson, who in addition to her service to the Richmond diocese, also chairs the local Women’s Ordination Conference. The bishop met with Johnson at her request and told her that her views had put her outside the limits of the Roman Catholic communion. He said that allowing her anti-Catholic feminist views on a diocesan commission would be equivalent to Israel’s Hebrew University allowing in Hamas. He said that Johnson was effectively a protestant for her rejection of Catholic teaching on the nature of the priesthood.

Bishop DiLorenzo has an uphill climb ahead of him however. His predecessor, William Sullivan distinguished himself among homosexual activists in the Church for his welcoming of them. (welcoming is a term used in the homosexual community that denotes "safe space" or we are "allies" in your struggle for "diversity".)

Tim Kaine's Pastor may be Progressive. His Church calls itself:

"...a welcoming Catholic community located in the Highland Park section of Richmond,VA. ..."


Welcome to St. Elizabeth. We embrace unity and diversity in support of all our ministries, to evangelize and to be good stewards of our resources.


Pastor Arsenault: "Well, I know that he's definitely against capital punishment and works to help defend those who are on death row. The church has a teaching with regard to we're pro-life, and we believe in that seamless garment of life.
We respect sometimes lawmakers make difficult decisions."?
(This "seamless garment" line is a load of cr@p put out by our cincinnati, ex-alinskyite, Bishop Bernardine. Who helped to start backyard organizing in the early 1970's through the "Catholic Campaign for Human Development")

Tim Kaine's fellow parishioners don't seem to like his views on abortion and same-sex marriage. Read the comments below:

Congratulations!! to our member Tim Kaine on the Vice President selection. We are all very proud!!!

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John Brunger When did the Catholic Church start to support abortion? For shame because that is the democRAT platform. You're on the national stage now. Can't hide.
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Philip Wagner Congratulations? Oh my, so this parish supports abortion? Tim Kaine's claim to be a Roman Catholic goes unchallenged by the pastor of the parish that he attends? So this says so much about your regard for Church teaching, doesn't it? So very wrong in so many ways. Not only is it a departure from the teaching of the magisterium but an insult to every Catholic on the planet. How very diabolical.
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Debra Kwiatek I have great hope! With four Boston College graduates who understand social justice and are in education ( one is a Spanish teacher) I feel a renewed sense of hope for us all!
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Joseph Sorci Confirm this pro choice parishioner is allowed to receive the blessed sacrament at mass? If so, that's scandalous!
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Philip Wagner 2 Timothy 4:3 For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:
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Kathryn Ortiz So happy to see a Catholic on the Presidential ballot.
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Patty Gavilan Yes we are !!!
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Scott J Kirkpatrick Are you proud that he supports abortion and same sex marriage?
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