Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ann Coulter for Paul Nehlen - Dump Ryan

Ann Coulter Lights Wisconsin on Fire for Paul Nehlen Against Paul Ryan: 

‘This is It, This is Your Last Chance to Save America’

“Paul Ryan said he never wanted to be Speaker of the House, so I’d like to help him achieve that dream,” Coulter said to a cheering crowd. “This year has been a very strange year—I remember when [Mitt] Romney [the failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee] picked Ryan [as his running mate] I was so happy, I was thinking back about it, now I remember I was only happy because he wasn’t [Sen. Marco] Rubio. This year has really shaken things out, you know, former friends are enemies and former enemies are friends.”
Coulter said that, this year, the entire political class has been exposed. She went on:
The people we thought were on our side, they say they’re for the working class, they say they’re for the American middle class, as you know I thought they never got around to it or Obama was blocking everything. No, you know what? Now that we have candidates like Donald Trump and Paul Nehlen, we find out no they actually hate us. Whatever, check with the Koch Brothers to see what they want. Paul Nehlen will put America first. Speaker Ryan will put America certainly in the top 5, definitely in the top 10. When Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan Republicans win an election, we don’t win. Your jobs will still get outsourced. They’re still foreigners coming in that you have to train to take your job. You’re still blocked out of college by affirmative action for immigrants. Your neighborhood is still overwhelmed with drugs being brought in, with illegal alien crime. No, it’s just check with the Koch Brothers, see what they want. That’s Paul Ryan’s approach to his job...
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