Saturday, August 27, 2016

Minneapolis: Mayor Hodges Is Blaming Trump Supporter Assault Victims ?


Minneapolis mayor to marry lesbian couple

Minneapolis Mayor  Hodges

Report: Trump Cancelled Planned Rally in Minneapolis Over Concerns About Violent Liberal Protesters

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Minneapolis Friday night for a fundraiser held at the city’s convention city that was besieged outside by violent liberal protesters.
Trump supporters attending the rally were punched, spit on and robbed while Trump’s Secret Service motorcade was blocked by protesters who jumped on one of the vehicles.

Mayor Hodges Is Blaming Trump Supporter Assault Victims (WCCO) 
— Minnesota’s Republican Party accused Minneapolis’ mayor Wednesday of blaming the victims of a protest that turned ugly.

Donald Trump supporters say demonstrators pushed and shoved them outside a fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center last week.
When top Republicans questioned the police response, DFL Mayor Betsy Hodges said some attendees did not use available escorts.

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