Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers

Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district, Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election.
As House Speaker, Ryan ushered through Congress an omnibus spending bill that completely funded President Obama’s open borders agenda.
Ryan voted to fund Obama’s still-running 2012 executive amnesty for illegal aliens who allegedly entered the country as minors. Ryan’s bill also rewarded sanctuary cities with federal grants. He also provided funding for the resettlement of illegal aliens within the United States, the release of criminal aliens, and tax credits for illegal aliens.
Ryan’s spending bill also funded an expansion of Muslim migration, bringing the total number of visas for Muslim migrants this year (temporary and permanent) to nearly 300,000.
Ryan has voted to increase Muslim migration— despite the fact that seven out of ten GOP Wisconsin voters want to see Muslim migration into the United States paused.
Ryan’s primary challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, slammed Ryan for the deceptive mailers.
“The only thing more disturbing than Paul Ryan’s refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he is comfortable lying about it,” Nehlen said.
“As long as Paul Ryan is in Congress, immigration will never be reduced, the border will never be secured, radical Islam will never be kept off our shores, and our children will never be safe,” Nehlen continued. “He is wholly owned by his donors, and his donors want open borders. When was the last time Ryan ever fought hard for something that his donors opposed? If Ryan remains, we can kiss our borders, our safety, and our sovereignty goodbye.” Read Further:

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