Friday, September 30, 2016

Dr. Alan Keyes vs. Christopher A. Ferrara ............................ Must Catholics Be Never Trumpers?

So, what do you think? Is Donald Trump really the conservative, pro-lifer he says he is? Maybe, maybe not. Right? On the other hand, we know absolutely that Hillary Clinton is about as pro-life as Joseph Stalin. 

So, what are we Catholic men supposed to do on Tuesday November 8? Sit it out? Vote for the lesser of two evils (which the Church teaches Catholics can NEVER do)? 

Can Catholic men in good conscience vote for the reality TV guy and New York billionaire —just because he’s not Hillary? Is it better to vote for Hillary Clinton? The Libertarian? The Green Party candidate? ANYONE but Trump?

We need to figure this out. 

At the next Argument of the Month, two Catholic conservatives are going to slug it out.

Former presidential candidate, U.S. Ambassador under President Ronald Reagan
and internationally renowned speaker and television commentator,
Dr. Alan Keyes


American Catholic Lawyers front man and well-known radio and TV commentator,
Christopher A. Ferrara
One will argue that Catholic men are more or less obligated to vote for Trump, while the other will say that good Catholics could never pull the lever for such a charlatan. 

Which is which? What does the Catholic Church teach? And where do you come down on arguably the most important election in 30 years? 

Don’t miss the next Argument of the Month—taking place just one month before the most important presidential election in thirty years! 

Educate yourself. Meet a nationally-known celebrity. Smoke a cigar. Have a beer. And catch a debate that dominates the national headlines.

Note: We are expecting a high turn out for this event. You can Purchase Tickets in advance to ensure a seat at the debate. 

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