Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets ... Halloween !!!

Halloween Worksheets For Kids Click Here


Simple Addition and Subtraction

Basic Addition and Subtraction Worksheets
The worksheets include single-digit addition and simple subtraction with the differences up to 9.
Simple Addition and Subtraction: Horizontal 2
2-digit and single-digit
Addition and subtraction worksheets include 2-digit and single-digit numbers.

Addition and Subtraction: Moderate

Add or subtract 2-digit numbers
Add or subtract 2-digit numbers arranged in column and horizontal format.
Balancing Equations
Fill in the missing boxes to balance the addition or subtraction problems.
Add or subtract 3-digit numbers
The practice sheet in this page includes 20 questions in 3-digit addition and subtraction.

Add or Subtract Large Numbers

Add or subtract 4-digit numbers
Addition and subtraction problems include 4-digit and 3-digit numbers with the instances of regrouping and borrowing.

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