Saturday, October 29, 2016

Telemundo watches...Homeless woman pushed around! Complete VIDEO

DOC Savage on Twitter

Updated: Part 1-3 Video below.

Get it while it lasts. YouTube keeps pulling it down.
Notice how the fat Mexican guy pushes her around and the Telemundo van is right there on the curb.
Notice how no one helps her. Later the police finally show up.
Seems like most of the people are Mexicans and blacks.
Take time to watch the black man in the last video. Most blacks and Mexicans aren't CHUMPS.
Just a select few are "Useful idiots".

BREAKING: Donald Trump Attorney Looking for Homeless Woman Beaten By Hillary Clinton Supporters in Hollywood

The attorney for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is looking for the homeless Black woman seen on video being attacked by a mob of Hillary Clinton supporters as she protected Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was sledgehammered by a Clinton supporter earlier this week.
Peter Duke Photo Parte Uno. 
Parte Dos.
Parte Tres.

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