Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Florida Employees Faking 1,000’s of Ballots" !!!


Against Broward Co FL Sec of Elections Brenda Snipes

Broward County is one of the largest swing counties in Florida. It would not take much voter fraud there to flip it.
The voter fraud whistle-blower is a former Secretary of Elections Department employee and she has filled out a sworn affidavit:
The affidavit by Chelsey Marie Smith accuses Broward County officials of filling out blank absentee ballots to officials who she saw filling the ballots out at the Supervisor of Elections headquarters.
Smith said she was asked to deliver numerous ballots to a secret locked room where employees were filling out the absentee ballots. At first she was not clear as to what was happening. When she finally clearly saw what was up and reported it, she was terminated and told to never come back!
After being caught red-handed engaging in voter fraud, Broward Co FL Sec of Elections Brenda Snipes claimed staff were “replicating damaged ballots” in the locked secret room without official monitors present. Yeah, that was a good one Brenda!
According to the whistle-blower, the massive voter fraud went on day after day and included what had to be thousands of ballots.
Brenda Snipes is already under lawsuit for deliberately misprinting absentee ballots! Why is she still around?
Donald Trump is currently preparing a lawsuit against Snipes and the FL State Attorney investigators are actively reviewing the voter fraud case.
Recently, numerous Florida voters have complained that they have not been receiving their absentee ballots. It seems we have found where some are going! How many other counties have a secret locked room!!
Democrats live by an “ends justify the means” mentality. Cheating and stealing is of no issue to them as long as the outcome is the one that they want! Voter Fraud is entirely legitimate to them.

Fox News reported that the Florida GOP has also filed a voter fraud lawsuit for illegally opening absentee ballots!

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